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The Absolute Best Bats for This Season's Youth Baseball Training

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Finally, the time has come.

The days are longer, the grass is greener, and the oranges are ready to be sliced. At long last, it's baseball season!

In celebration of the best time of the year, we've compiled some awesome practice drills and fantastic, high quality baseball bats to accompany them below.


Gift Your Employees a Classic Piece of Americana this Holiday Season

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Apple pie, bald eagles, and baseball are about as American as you can get. Yet, only one of these three pieces of Americana make for a suitable corporate gift this holiday season. Apple pie is tasty, but a fleet pleasure with little remembrance down the road. Bald eagles are magnificent creatures, something tells me the Federal Government is going to have a problem with you rounding up a few hundred in order to treat the sales team this Christmas. That only leaves the classic American baseball bat as your best choice for this year's corporate gift. It's functional, lasting, and ready to convey to your employees that they are indeed, America's best. So let's take a look.

As One Season Ends the Training for a New Season of Baseball Begins

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The dog days of summer are slowly becoming a distant memory. So too are the wins and defeats of Spring and Summer ball. As fall approaches, the time to start thinking about next year begins. What was your team's strengths? What were the deficits? How are you as a coach or parent going to make them a little better next year? Might we help out and suggest picking up an array of training bats designed just for such an occasion. From the pros to little league fields across America, the off-season is the time to perfect the swing in order that one might hear the beautiful and sweet crack of the bat when it matters most. So let's talk about a few bats that will help you get there.

Swing for October Glory with a Custom Pro X Bat

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The boys of summer might enjoy playing ball across this great nation this summer, but make no mistake about it they are all swinging for October glory. October means playoff baseball. October means World Series baseball and October glory. After 162 games, October brings the moment when every swing matters and nothing is left to chance. That's why it brings a patriotic cheer to our faces when we see X Bats swinging away in October. With the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd, October greatness rests in every swing. Fortunately for the average lover of baseball, the same beautifully crafted maple and ash wood crafted bats are available to all. World Series baseball may not be in your future, but that doesn't mean the thrill of a deep ball driven over centerfield is any less sweet. So let's talk about how you too can get a little taste of October glory.

Serious Softball Requires a Serious Swing with a Sweet Bat

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American softball has become the favorite pastime of the novice athlete from sea to shining sea. Yes, there are elite high school and collegiate level players that are the envy of the softball universe. That being said, not everyone gets a Division 1 scholarship. On any given weeknight on fields across America, you can find Americans enjoying the glorious sport of softball. From friendly good natured church leagues to hardcore competitive travel teams, there is a place for every American somewhere on that field. All you need is a glove, a ball and serious swing. If your league is like most leagues, there are a myriad of bats to choose from in the dugout before you step to the plate. The more serious swinger has their go to baby while the novice grabs the first bat within reach. Should that bat be masterfully engineered piece of maple known as the XBat then you'll be pleasantly pleased with the results.

Help Youth Fall in Love with Baseball through the Crack of a Wooden Bat

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There are few sounds more addictive than the crack of a wooden bat followed by the roar of an adoring crowd. That's not to say we should teach youth to seek public affirmation, but when the hard work pays off it is exhilarating. Professionals in all sports know the sound of success and they have often been training for it since their youth. Golfers long to hear the plink of a center mass drive and football players recognize the crunch of a prime time hit. However, this is America and helping youth fall in love with baseball via the addictive sound of hardened wood on a fastball across the plate is our pastime. As with any job, there exists its proper tool and baseball is no different. So let's walk through a couple of our youth options that train them in the way an American baseball player should go.

Thin and Medium Handled Baseball Bats

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Baseball is a game of inches.  A game of not just seconds, but milliseconds.  It is a game of speed, precision, and timing.  What do these things have in common?  The need to be precise and perfect.  Many baseball legends have said, a bat is an extension of a player's arms, you must have full control and precision with it.  Bats with smaller handles have been proven to improve bat control and bat head speed.  In a game as competitive as baseball, this can make the difference between a lazy fly ball to the outfield, and a screaming line drive. 

Training Softball Bats and Pro Stock Softball Bats

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Softball is one of the most competitive sports out there.  If you want to succeed you need to always be at the top of your game.  Hard work, practice, training, and studying is essential for you to be successful at such a difficult sport.  Sometimes, a small edge makes all the difference.  It can be the difference between winning and losing.  The equipment you have can make the difference between being good and great. has you covered.  They have the best selection of both training and game ready softball bats so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

5 Tips on How to teach your child good practice routines in baseball

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All players have their starting point when it comes to baseball or any other sport thereof. Similarly, if your child has shown interest in playing baseball, you should take it upon yourself to teach them the basics and concepts they should know about the sport. It is worth noting that the first lessons are crucial and important as it is at this stage when you impart good playing skills to potential baseball players. When teaching your child how to practice baseball, you should do it in a systematic manner. training and coaching bat review

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As a coach, you should always be looking for that small edge that will take you above the competition.  Any good coach knows that you win championships not on game day, but on practice day.  And like a player, a coach is only as good as the tools he has around him.   At, the best and most customizable bats are available at prices that compete with the best around.  If you haven't tired Xbats yet, you are missing out on a ton of value and quality.

Over The Line Bats

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Over The Line (OTL) is a popular game played on the beach.  It involves two teams, each with three players, who are trying to get as many consecutive hits – or homers – as possible to outscore the other team.  Instead of seven or nine innings, like in baseball, OTL is only three to four innings.  However, there is a large difference in the gameplay rules and scoring.  For more information on gameplay, check out this link to the rules of the game provided by Old Mission Beach Club!

X Bats has created some of the top available tools of this game.  Boasting the same maple wood that over 300 Major Leaguers claim is the hardest wood bat made anywhere, these models are sure to be some of best tools this game has ever seen.  Maple wood is the strongest available lumber in the Major Leagues.  With the ability to withstand over 600 pounds of force, these OTL X Bat models are sure to last a lifetime.


Trophy and Gift Bats

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A bat can represent much more than tool used for hitters.  It can be a mark in time, a representation of an event or team accomplishment, a memento of sorts, or even just a personalized gift for the avid baseball fan.  Whatever the case may be, customized bats provide a fun, personal, and one-of-a-kind experience for those special fans and baseball enthusiasts.   

Unique set of bats tailored to the youth baseball player

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X Bats has introduced a unique set of bats tailored to the youth baseball player moving from -12 and -10 bats to -5.   That weight difference can severely alter the original swing developed over the previous years and many youth players find this to be a difficult transition. 

Each bat carries with it certain characteristics that cater to the individual hitter.  This is important for you to know as you pick the bat that is going to work best with you and for you. 


Best wood bats on the market

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Sometimes in baseball, you just need that one little thing to give you the edge you need over the opponent.  Sure, skill is the most important thing in determining who comes out on top, but sometimes, all it takes is the perfect equipment to put you over the edge to succeed. 


Let your bat make you the best hitter you can be

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I had always thought that any bat I swung would be as good as any other. As I moved from metal to wood bats, I had to adapt my swing and stance and grip and timing, so I became accustomed to adjusting what I did to suit a given bat. There were, of course, bats that I liked more than others, but I couldn't really tell if my liking a bat honestly translated into better hitting – because I always felt that  I could (in fact, any good hitter could) change his swing to fit the bat.