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BLOG training and coaching bat review

By: X Bats

As a coach, you should always be looking for that small edge that will take you above the competition.  Any good coach knows that you win championships not on game day, but on practice day.  And like a player, a coach is only as good as the tools he has around him.   At, the best and most customizable bats are available at prices that compete with the best around.  If you haven't tired Xbats yet, you are missing out on a ton of value and quality.

Fungo bats may seem simple, but having one that helps you perform at the highest level gives your team the best chance at improving efficiently. is not only the best place for players to purchase their bats, but coaches as well.  Fungo/Training X Bats  is hands down the best place to get a custom fungo bat.

Fungo bats are used to hit infielders ground balls, and to hit fly balls to outfielders.  All of's fungos are made of high quality wood that will last just as long, and longer than a regular bat.  Fungos are lighter and longer than a typical bat, allowing for more speed and control of the bat.  They are the perfect size to control with one hand, even if you aren't the strongest.  At Xbats, there is complete personalization options that will allow any coach to pick the best bat for them.

Balance is important with fungo bats, at xbats, the bats have a perfect balance that combine durability, and usability. Typically, fungo bats are –12 drop.  This means if a fungo is 33 inches, it would be 11 ounces.  Xbats has superior balance and control in all of their fungo bats.

Xbats does not stop at just fungo bats.  They also have overweight training bats.  What are these good for?  They teach hand eye and strength to players looking to gain an edge.  With proper use, it can be a great tool to increase bats speed and power.

One handed "shorties" are also a great product Xbats offers.  These are great for one handed hitting drills for your players.  One handed hitting drills force a player to develop full control of their hands while hitting.  Fungo/Training X Bats has the best short training bats that you can find online. 

One opportunity no other bat store offers with nearly the quality, is the value packs.  Xbats offers all three coaches bats at one low reduced price.  All three are a must for any serious coach looking to take their team to their fullest potential, and luckily, Xbats has you covered. 

Just like the player bats, Xbats offers fully customizable bats.  The possibilities for each bat is nearly endless.  Length and weight are fully customizable, to ensure you get the perfect weighted bat for you or your players. 

What better way to support your team than using team color bats.  Xbats has over 35 custom colors to choose from for both the barrel of the bat, as well as the handle of the bat.  This must customization is the best in the business.  You are even able to have your bat engraved with your name or words of your choice.  With Xbats, it is easy to have a ONE OF A KIND bat for a very reasonable price.

Xbats has one of the best warranties in the business, in both usefulness and price point.  Things happen, and sometimes it's best to make sure that a broken bat will always be replaced with another great one!

Rush delivery is always available, so if you need a bat quickly, for a small fee, Xbats will come through in the clutch for you like a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th inning!

So, this year, instead of using the old worn out training bats that are well past their prime, go to Xbats and makes sure you and your team are ready for the new season!



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