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X Bats Pro Polish

X Bats Pro Polish is a premium, non-abrasive cleaning agent specially formulated to remove minor scratches, accumulated grime and provide a protective shield to X Bats proprietary finish. Say adios to the hard work of keeping your gear in shape. Our special solution is easy to apply- easy to finish. Use X Bats Pro Polish on all your gear.

X Bats Pro Polish has been specially formulated to maintain the furniture like finish on your X Bat. 

We use proprietary stains and finishes on all of our bats developed by craftsmen with more than 20+ years in the fine furniture industry. We developed this Pro Polish to reduce the ball marks and scratches on your X Bat to maintain that professional look. Use it on your bat whenever the bat surface starts to mark up. It is also a great way to see where you are making contact on the barrel to help sharpen your skills.

When your equipment looks good, it helps you play well.

  • Model: X-Bats-Pro-Polish
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  • Price: $15.00

Customer Reviews

  • charles anderson

    I bought a 73, always wanted a pro bat, and my name on it!!! I do not play anymore, just for the batting cage use.
    I got it the other day, and went to the batting cage.

    The one I used, does not use real baseballs. So when I was done, the bat had some marks on it.

    Saw there is actually baseball bat polish!!! Ordered some from Xbat.

    Got it. Just for info,,, 4 ounce bottle and it is like a cream.

    Used it, and did not take much. Marks came off. Bat looks brand new!!!!
    Only thing, my Xbat logo, on the barrel is silver. The logo seemed a little harder to clean. Took a couple extra cleanings.

    I recommend getting it, if you want to keep your bat looking new.

    August 25 2023 01:48 PM |