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What Our Customers Say

Thank you. I have bought X-bats for the past 13 yeas and have never been disappointed. 
Jeffrey Landwehr
Unbelievable product. I couldn't be happier with the quality of product, fast production, and for making my gifts for my groomsman custom. 
We are coaches in a baseball academy and I will only recommend your products for our players. 
Many thanks! 
Sean Smith

My name is Manny Bardeguez, and I'm a certified Mike Epstein Rotational hitting instructor.  I have also had an opportunity to learn directly from the 7 time major-league all star, Reggie Smith. I have been coaching ball players as young as five years old right up to collegiate players.  Over my 12 plus years of training players, I have used many training aids to help my students master the art of hitting, and have found the best training aid to be the X Bats RS Reggie Smith Back Spin Training bat, …until now. 

X Bats has just introduced a progressive training bat system that is so unique that it can be used for players as young as six years old.  These progressive bats are so balanced that it does not affect the player's swing through the proper hitting path, thereby giving my young players a good swing on the ball.  Now mind you, I'm talking about a 30” bat, weighing 27 ounces that I have my youngest players swing.  They do not realize the bat is that weight, but it is increasing their wrist and forearm strength creating unbelievable bat speed in a few short months.  Now imagine these young players' bat speed when they use their aluminum 18 ounce Little League bats.   My young students are not just getting base hits they are hitting bombs.  

By far the X Bats progressive training bat bundle is the best training aid in the market today for both young players and more advanced player looking to improve their swing. As instructors, we must be very careful not to disturb the natural balance our young players possess.  This system does not interrupt the player's natural swing and helps maintain each player's own biomechanical signature.

I just ordered a set of 3 training bats in 28”, 31”, 32” and 33” so all the players in our program can work on their skills.

Manny Bardeguez
Thank you very much. I will be ordering my new bat now. Your products and customer service is top notch. You will always have me as a customer.

   Thank you for the beautiful bat! I can't wait for the snow to melt.

Elizabeth Gosse - New Lifetime Customer
I received my bat in the mail and was able to use it for a game almost immediately. Did it ever pay dividends! I went 6 for 6 with 3 doubles, 3 home runs, and 9 RBI. Quite an amazing night and I owe it all to my XBat! Thanks so much, you guys made my year.
Derek Schauer
I have ordered several X Bats over the past few years and have had excellent results and still do even with the very first bat I purchased 5 years ago! Awesome quality, unbelievable durability, and excellent customer service. Thank you X Bats!
James Felan - still playing in Texas in the Austin Metro BaseBall League
I wanted to reply back to thank you for such a wonderful job! The bats turned out magnificently, and you got them done even earlier then expected, and made me the hero of the banquet! Thank you again for all your hard work in helping me get this taken care of. I will be ordering more from you in the near future and every year from now on for these kinds of bats, you have a customer for life.
Kenny McCarrell
I just wanted to take a minute to write to thank you for sending the bats we recently ordered so quickly. My son is 15 years old in ninth grade in Guilderland NY. He just made the JV team. He has been using a lower end wood bat Model 99 for practice although still uses aluminum for the games. This summer his travel team will be playing at a dual 15/16 year old level. At 16 they use wood bats. In this day of poor customer service and quality control, X Bats instead did a great job of acknowledging the product order immediately, shipping quickly and producing a truly beautiful product accurately and well done. He has used the model 73 for about 100 swings this past week and he is hitting with full confidence in the swing and full power. His control with the bat is excellent. The balance is truly great.
Doug Fisher

I just wanted to let you know that I received my replacement bat yesterday. I also wanted to thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. As usual, the staff at XBATS has delivered outstanding customer service. I will be placing another order for bats as I gear up for the Phoenix MSBL Fall Classic.

By the way, one of my teammates broke 2 brand new wooden bats (competitors of yours) on consecutive at bats a couple of weeks ago. He has no recourse and he paid only slightly less than what I paid for my ’73. He had ben trying to talk me into buying that brand, because they were cheaper. Well, as I said he had no recourse and was out close to $200.00. Now granted, I did not expect you to replace the bat that I sent back, but, its nice to know that you will evaluate and stand behind your product and if warranted, replace the bat. You guys make the best! Thanks again.

Thomas J. Conklin CFEI, CSI
So far in 2 HS games using the model 73, my son is 5-6 all bullets (2 doubles) line drives in the gaps. He never hit balls that hard before, he says the bat feel absolutely perfect in his hands he never felt so comfortable at the plate before. You have quite an outstanding product on your hands ( I bet you know that already though).
Joe Cinicolo
Got my new bat today and I must say it is a real work of art! Almost too pretty to use. Thank you.
Jay Bengert

I wanted to thank you guys for saving my season! I had been struggling all season at the plate, that is, until I started using my X-BAT Model 73.  I can’t believe the feel and balance of this bat! I play in an aluminum bat league, the New Mexico affiliate of the MSBL/MABL. My teammates really questioned my decision to go wood. But they don’t anymore.

This bat is truly the best / nicest bat I have every used. Last season I bought the new Easton Stealth Composite bat to take to Phoenix for the World Series, at $400 bucks, I was totally disappointed. I am hitting the ball harder and farther with the X-BAT than with the Easton Comp. I also have better bat control. Hell last Sunday I hit a fastball 400′ to straight away center. Didn’t do that with the Easton!

The bat is also very durable, living in the desert of New Mexico, the lack of humidity is a killer of wood bats. In fact I broke two BWP maple bats on the first & second swing. I’m still using my first X-BAT and thats with one hit off of the label and one near the handle.

Keep making great bats, I plan on ordering 2 more before heading to Phoenix for the MSBL World Series in October.

XBATS, Just wanted to let you guys know that I received my XBAT today at 5pmET and was taking batting practice with it at 7pm. I want you to know that I love my Louisville Slugger and my Carolina Club alot, but can honestly say that after using the XBAT today it will be the bat of choice for my game on Sunday. Nice lumber!
David Zietlow
It's always scary to do business with a company you know nothing about, just found during a search on the internet, but I received my bat in a very timely manner and it is perfect. I want to congratulate your company for the quality of your product. The engraving is excellent and our team colors were just as I had visualized when I picked them online. This bat is being given to commemorate the last season of our competitive baseball team, as all the boys will be moving to different schools next year to play high school ball. I wanted to do something special for the coach as he has coached this team for several years and invested a tremendous amount of time and energy doing it. After receiving my order, I know I made the right choice. I couldn't be happier with the results and I know our coach will love and cherish the memories he'll have every time he looks at it. I will pass this web site around to the other teams in the area. Thanks for a job well done.
Am I supposed to hit with this bat???? HOLY SCHNIKIES, this bat is a work of art and I am almost reluctant to hit with it......Not only is it beautiful, but the balance and feel is unbelievable in my hands. It is perfect. I can’t wait to go hit. If you can’t tell already~l I am pumed on it! Thank you, your X-Bat is pure quality.
Chris Vanaman
Just received bat from X-bat!! it was very fast shipping, and weight and balance are the best I have ever seen! I reallly thank you that you guys read my comment and made it 30.5oz for model 24..I never seen beautiful custom bat like this before. I will order exact same 2 more bats in next 2 weeks. I really thank you again for fast shipping and great customize!
Shinya Asano
I just received my latest order of bats and, as always, I’m more than satisfied with your work. This is the third year that I’ve ordered and used the X-Bats and I’ve never swung a more comfortable (or productive) bat. I turn 59 on New Years Eve and with any luck, I’ll play around 110-120 games this coming year. I just got back to playing baseball 2 years ago after about a 40 year lay-off. I now play in two leagues, play pick-up games once a week from April to October, and move indoors to play in a dome during the snowy Massachusetts winter. With any luck, I hope to be playing competitively for another 10 years — at least. I grew up playing with wood and I was never comfortable with a metal bat. When I started back playing, someone told me about your website. I ordered a couple of bats before the first season and have never regretted the choice. I’ll be using the new bats in January when we head to Sarasota for a tournament. Thanks again for a great product! Although I no longer swing hard enough to break many bats, and your bats will probably last longer than my body, I like to start each season with new equipment — so I’ll be back!
Tom Hamre
Hello! just received bat from X-bat!! it was very fast shipping, and weight and balance are the best I have ever seen! I reallly thank you that you guys read my comment and made it 30.5oz for model 24..I never seen beautiful custom bat like this before. I will order exact same 2 more bats in next 2 weeks. I really thank you again for fast shipping and great customize!
Shinya Asano