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Thin and Medium Handled Baseball Bats

By: X Bats

Baseball is a game of inches.  A game of not just seconds, but milliseconds.  It is a game of speed, precision, and timing.  What do these things have in common?  The need to be precise and perfect.  Many baseball legends have said, a bat is an extension of a player's arms, you must have full control and precision with it.  Bats with smaller handles have been proven to improve bat control and bat head speed.  In a game as competitive as baseball, this can make the difference between a lazy fly ball to the outfield, and a screaming line drive. is the, by far, the top provider of not only thin and medium handled bats, but all wooden bats in the industry.  They are the most durable, trusted, high performing bats on the market.  When you are up to bat you need something to depend on. can provide that. has three thin handled bat choices.  All four provide top-notch reliability and performance.

Model 15 – Similar to the M159, it is modeled after Stan Musial.  Old school in style, it has a smaller handle with a 2 ½” barrel.  It's great for those looking for a bat lighter around -3, and can have high swing speeds. 

Model 17 – The power hitters thin handled bat.  Very thin 7/8” handle, combined with a larger 2 9/16” barrel.  This is an end loaded power hitter's bat.  One thing that can put a power hitter over the edge is increased bat speed, and this bat is great in that aspect.

Model 53 – describes the Model 53 as followed. “This is for the player with a great eye looking for the hardest wood. It has a very thin 2 7/16" barrel, a thin handle 7/8" and transition. The wood used on the 53 is very hard since the weight is compressed into a very thin bat. A unique bat for the player who wants the hardest wood without a lot of weight.”  This is a great solid wood bat and combined with the thin handle, is a great bat for anyone in the lineup. has three medium handled bats.  These bats are middle of the road, good for any size hand and swing speed. Not to thin, not too think.  The Model 14, Model 27, and model 98 are all perfect bats for just about anyone.  An excellent choice if you are gifting a bat and not sure what the player prefers.

All bats at are fully customizable.  You can change the colors of the barrels and handles, add flag stamps, engravings, and change the weight and length.  There are nearly ENDLESS possibilities.

Also, for a small fee, you can add a 101-day warranty, that way if anything happens to your new XBAT, you can get another one.  This is important, because once you have an XBAT, you won't settle for anything else.

Bats are an extension of a batter's hands.  We need comfort, control, and the ability to do want we want to do with the bat. provides what we need as hitters, so you can focus on the game, and not on the equipment.



  • John Romero

    [font=ProximaNovaCondensed, "Avenir Next Condensed", "Arial Narrow", sans-serif]My son just graduated from High School and is headed to play ball in the Arizona league and this was the bat I bought for him to use. The Model 53. I will keep you updated on how it works out for him. He likes the feel of the bat. [/font]

    August 18 2018 12:56 PM |
  • jeremy Baker

    The bats are fine but the company could not get my order correct on the custom bats I ordered. When I asked Xbats to fix the order that I was needing them bad and I paid overnight shipping on all 5 bats separate and they shipped them to me in 1 box but charged me over $150 shipping. They responded to me by saying to put them in regular mail and they would have them back in a few weeks. That is a freaking joke. I say this be careful . The bats are good but the customer service is as bad as it gets and they charge you for shipping that you don't need. Im very very unhappy and I will make it a point to tell $1,000 people. I will not buy from them again.

    September 25 2018 09:41 AM |
  • Nolan

    I have used 4 bats, 2 is playing and 2 is for self and home defense.

    April 05 2020 05:11 AM |
  • Cristopher

    Xbat is a nice blog to learn baseball tips.

    April 14 2020 04:32 AM |