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Serious Softball Requires a Serious Swing with a Sweet Bat

By: X Bats

American softball has become the favorite pastime of the novice athlete from sea to shining sea. Yes, there are elite high school and collegiate level players that are the envy of the softball universe. That being said, not everyone gets a Division 1 scholarship. On any given weeknight on fields across America, you can find Americans enjoying the glorious sport of softball. From friendly good natured church leagues to hardcore competitive travel teams, there is a place for every American somewhere on that field. All you need is a glove, a ball and serious swing. If your league is like most leagues, there are a myriad of bats to choose from in the dugout before you step to the plate. The more serious swinger has their go to baby while the novice grabs the first bat within reach. Should that bat be masterfully engineered piece of maple known as the XBat then you'll be pleasantly pleased with the results.

Aluminum versus Wood

Depending on your familiarity with softball leagues, you might be thinking to yourself right now that all softball bats are aluminum. The majority of them are, but the sum of them are not. As a novice, many players have taken to the aluminum bat due to its lightweight design and large sweet spot. This is true and often why the pastor who plays in church league can still pull of a double every now and then. However, serious players understand the power and finesse of a wooden softball bat.

A wooden bat requires more discipline and is in many ways a perfect fit for the experienced softball or ex-baseball player. For those that have played long enough, the time it takes for a slow pitch softball to arrive at the plate seems like an eternity. This is plenty of time to put the mass of the heavier wood bat right where you want it to go with fantastic results. Moreover, for softball leagues with a home run limit rule, the wood bat gives the hitter greater control over the power without accidentally knocking one over the fence. Any yahoo can close their eyes and swing a light piece of aluminum, but it takes a player with depth and knowledge to master the power of the wooden bat in softball. If you really want to challenge your skills in practice, then the limited sweet spot on the SB401 Softball Training Bat is right up your alley.

ASA Certified

If you have played competitive softball for any period of time, you'll know that even the church leagues can get a little testy at times. One team challenges the other team's use of approved equipment and voila, before you know it's a religious war at the plate. All of our bats are ASA approved, meaning if your league follows the ASA formats that your bat will pass muster every time.

It also important to remember that with a wooden bat, you are looking for mass rather than light weight. In the case of softball and wood bats, the more mass you put behind the swing means the ball travels further. Remember, in slow pitch softball you have time to wind up your swing as much as you want. Wait until the last second and then take that swing at the perfect moment for excellent results. If you need a little help selecting the right wood softball bat might we suggest our Softball Bat Guide here.

Perusing Your Wood Options

Our bats are made from the exact same hard maple that over 300 Major League players say is the hardest bat made anywhere on planet Earth today. The difference is that you've got that power working for you on the softball field. In order to meet ASA requirements, our bats are identical from the transition through the 2 ¼” barrel. You'll find differences in the handle thickness and knob styles allowing you to pick the bat to match your swing preference. If you want to make this simple and go with the best balanced bat around, then you can pick up the ASA Model 73.  It offers versatility that both power and contact hitters adore.

However, hitting style is a personal matter and some batters like to imagine the bat snapping across the strike zone like a whip. For you, I'd check out the ASA Model 59 which has that end loaded feel due to the thin handle design. Then, if a thick handle suits your fancy we've got the ASA Model 61 offering. To sum it up, we've got a bat for your hitting style and they are fully customizable. The pros use our Xbats in the Major Leagues. Division 1 schools use our Xbats to train for championships. Church leagues across America use our Xbats because they offer a serious swing for the average Joe. Aluminum might be a popular option, but don't discount the power and control you get from a controlled swing with hard maple wood in your hands. For all things baseball, softball and bats, don't forget to checkout the rest of what we have to offer at 



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