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Over The Line Bats

By: X Bats

Over The Line (OTL) is a popular game played on the beach.  It involves two teams, each with three players, who are trying to get as many consecutive hits – or homers – as possible to outscore the other team.  Instead of seven or nine innings, like in baseball, OTL is only three to four innings.  However, there is a large difference in the gameplay rules and scoring.  For more information on gameplay, check out this link to the rules of the game provided by Old Mission Beach Club!

X Bats has created some of the top available tools of this game.  Boasting the same maple wood that over 300 Major Leaguers claim is the hardest wood bat made anywhere, these models are sure to be some of best tools this game has ever seen.  Maple wood is the strongest available lumber in the Major Leagues.  With the ability to withstand over 600 pounds of force, these OTL X Bat models are sure to last a lifetime.

Each bat carries different characteristics.  For example, all these bats have long barrels with long handles.  Because the ball is not ‘pitched' like it is in baseball or softball, the longer handles with longer barrels create a more comfortable feel for the hitter.  The swing is generally downward and up, with an effort to hit the ball over-the-line and into fair territory without being caught.  In baseball, the purpose is similar, but there are 9 players in a much larger field and the ball is being pitched at speeds over 70 mph.  So simply hitting the ball is the objective, as opposed to placing the ball like in OTL. 

These bats share another characteristic that differentiates from normal baseball bats; a smaller barrel.  Rather than 2 5/8” barrels, OTL requires barrels be no larger than 2 1/4 “.  The ball is already about the size of a softball and simply lofted below the players' knees, so there isn't much need for a massive sweet spot.  There's much more finesse involved hitting the ball than trying to hit as hard as possible. 

Let's move into the different traits of each bat to find the best fit for you.

Over The Line Model 41


The X Bat Model 41 is the typical baseball equivalent bat for OTL.  All of its characteristics are common to the baseball realm; a 15/16” handle, small knob, and 2 ¼” barrel.

Model 59

The X Bat Model 59 carries the thinnest handle of the OTL line at 7/8”.  The barrel is 2 ¼” and the knob is small.  Hitters looking for a loose, light feel will enjoy the thinner handle.  It gives the barrel more space to drive through the hitting zone, giving more control to the bat head than the handle. 

Model 61

The X Bat Model 61 carries the largest handle of any of the OTL models.  It is 1” thick.  This gives more control to the hitter because there is more substance for the hands to control through the swing path.  Think about trying to hit a baseball with a twig as opposed to a log. 

Model 71

The X Bat Model 71 has a long handle transitioning to a long barrel.  The handle is 15/16” and the barrel is 2 ¼”.  This is a very common type of bat, carrying the characteristics that are most often found among wood bats.  The knob is small.

Model 73

The X Bat Model 73 boasts a medium handle, at 15/16”.  With a 2 ¼” barrel, it has the same qualities as the other bats except for the flared knob.  A flared knob gives more control with the bottom hand and is also a proven tool to prevent hamate injuries during the swing.  Many hitters believe that a flared knob gives them the feeling of faster bat speed due to more control in the bottom hand.


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