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Pro Stock Maple ASA Approved Softball 73

The X BAT Model Softball 73 Pro Stock ASA Approved Softball bat is a long barreled bat with a long flared handle transitioning to a large knob for optimal comfort, balance and a light swing feel. The Softball 73 has a medium 15/16" handle, large knob, and the ASA mandated 2 1/4" barrel. Both power hitters and contact hitters love the Softball 73 for both power and bat control. All X Bat softball bats are made from the same hard maple that over 300 Major Leaguers say is the hardest wood bat made anywhere today.

  • Model: INV-Softball-Maple-73-Black
  • Rating:
  • 1992 / INV-Softball-Maple-73-Black
    101-day Warranty Replacement Policy (+$30.00):
  • Price: $175.00

Customer Reviews

  • Keith Bauer II

    I was surprised how quickly I received my bat only took a couple of days. Used it in last nights game and was happy with the results I got. I hit a couple of singles then last at bat hit the ball over the fence. With that other players on my team are gonna place an order as well, so with that said I definitely recommend this bat.

    July 15 2016 09:12 PM |
  • Eric

    Bat is high quality, the customer service is second to none.

    July 17 2016 11:10 AM |
  • Robert Ramos

    Our team has a few bats and I've swung them all, these are the best quality wood bats that I've swung. I ordered a new one and can't wait for it to arrive. They make the ordering process easy.

    April 02 2017 07:04 PM |
  • Chuck

    Great bat and very prompt delivery. Have used this bat before and found it to be a great bat

    May 16 2017 05:31 AM |
  • Dan H

    Awesome bat, the team and myself love it.

    May 26 2017 06:17 AM |
  • Ralph

    Awesome bat. Amazing

    June 09 2017 05:08 PM |
  • Joshua Harian

    Absolutely no complaints here. Bat feels perfectly balanced and smooth when swinging it. I went 3 for 3 my first game using it with 3 solid line drives. It's a solid bat and with wood the mass matters, so I love that it's a -3. No complaints at all, will absolutely be sticking with xbat.

    September 04 2017 01:39 PM |
  • Mario

    stay away from this company, they don’t ship the correct orders and they standby there no refund policy......there exact words were”we haven’t lost a credit card charge back in 19 yrs”....guess what, my credit card will charge them back, ive been with them just as long.....nice try Jack!

    April 16 2018 06:01 PM |
  • Orlando

    It's the best! Just bought my second one.

    April 26 2018 03:13 PM |
  • Carlos G. Hiraldo Jr.

    Used bat handled the chi weather,peroid ,than u xbat.late summer.

    May 23 2018 04:58 PM |
  • Michael Espy

    Solid Bat. Nice handle. Good to go.

    October 11 2018 02:19 PM |
  • Michael Espy

    Good Bat. Driving ball for gaps and power.

    November 08 2018 08:03 AM |
  • Michael Espy

    Forgot to give 5 stars. Great product.

    November 08 2018 08:04 AM |
  • Rich Davenport

    Quality bat with great pop! Will definitely be buying another one soon!

    July 04 2019 07:53 PM |
  • Felix Figueroa

    Great bat, great product, would definitely buy more in the future.

    May 14 2020 03:52 PM |
  • Rich Cardi

    Great bar. Even distribution of weight and I love the handle as well

    Customer service is great as well

    August 02 2020 01:59 PM |
  • Jim

    Solid bat, does not disappoint. Love the handle.

    February 01 2021 04:34 PM |
  • Kevin S.

    Solid bat. Felt great once I added a wrap for grip.

    May 03 2021 10:19 AM |
  • David Bressler

    This is my first X Bat and I love it. I only got to use it for 3 games but was very happy with the bat, great balance and feel and great pop. I am looking forward to my fall league so I can really get to test it out.

    August 04 2022 10:10 AM |
  • David Bressler

    This my second X Bat, this is a 34 inch and it has a great feel and looks great as well, swings lighter than weight. I am looking forward to using in my fall league.

    August 11 2022 04:21 AM |
  • Rich Stepnosky

    Nicely weighted, love the handle, solid stick

    August 15 2022 10:49 PM |