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SB401 training bat

By: X Bats

                As a result, bat technology has grown by leaps and bounds.  Just a few years ago, making contact was acceptable.  Today, not only making contact, but also hitting the “sweet spot” is crucial to hitting success. 

              I have invented the SB401; a maple wood training bat to accomplish the absolutes of hitting.  Whether you have a softball or baseball background; a linear or rotational approach to hitting, emphasize techniques in over-loading or under-loading in swing training; there are three absolutes we can all agree on!

       1. We need to CONTROL the barrel of the bat.

       2. We need to understand the importance of EARLY OR LATE point of contact and "being on time".

        3. We need to have a balanced, COMPACT swing

The SB401 can train any player to achieve these absolutes:

         1.The weight at the end of the bat will enhance strength in swing training and great CONTROL of the bat.

          2.The wood bat will hold the hitter accountable if she is EARLY or LATE because the ball won't rebound off the wood bat like aluminum.

           3. The long neck will provide instant negative feedback when the hitter "casts out"  the swing. The short barrel will help the player understand the importance of staying COMPACT and "hitting inside  the ball".

The SB401 comes in the most popular inch/ounce dimensions. You simply train with the SB401 instead of your game bat. T work, soft toss, machine work, and live batting practice are where you swing the SB401.

Please let common sense rule the day. If you are just learning how to hit, or teaching players how to hit, use the SB401 in controlled settings: T work, and modified front and side toss drills. As they master a sound fundamental swing, let them use the SB401 off of machine hitting and live batting practice.

This won't be your ticket to stardom. This isn't a gadget or gimmick. Simple a tool to hold the player accountable whether you are in their presence or not!

At UCLA, we swing the SB401 in practice every day.. The SB401 has been an important tool in our program.

I am excited you now have the opportunity to experience this product. I stand behind it 100% or your money back!

Sue Enquist

UCLA Softball Coach-24 yrs.

9 Time National Champions

UCLA Hall of Fame

Introducing the

                                                                               SB401                                                                                                                           “KEEP YOUR HANDS IN!”

First Maple Wood Training Bat In The Country!

Designed by

Sue Enquist

Head Coach, UCLA Softball

Why a 6” barrel?

We practice and compete with aluminum bats with 10” to 17” barrels. The SB401 has a  40-60% smaller target area. By doing this, the hitter learns to keep her hands inside the ball and hit the sweet part of the bat. Once you master the 6” barrel using your game bat will be easy.

Why Wood?

Training with wood enables the hitter to understand the importance of being

“on time” when making contact with the sweet part of the bat. Swing too early or too late with wood and the ball will never leave the infield. The player becomes a stronger hitter when meeting the ball at the proper contact point.

Why Maple?

Studies have shown that maple is approximately 30% stronger than Northern Ash wood, which is currently used in baseball.

The result?

Raise the bar in training and your result will be a short, compact swing, which is the key to being a great hitter.

The Facts:

The UCLA Bruins trained with the SB401 since 2002. Highest team batting average in the country in Division I Softball for 4 years straight.

Used by many of the top collegiate and youth softball teams in the country.

Order your  SB401 in custom colors and  bat dimensions.

100% guaranteed satisfaction or your money back!

Retail $80.00

Sizes: 32” 33” 34” with a -8,-9,-10 drop.

Any questions, contact us at (702) 419-0404 and at


Below are the most common questions on the SB401 Fastpitch Softball Training Bat.

Where can I order them? or by phone (702) 419-0404.

There is a SB401 page on the web site for more information regarding the SB401 maple wood training bat.

Can you use purchase order number or credit cards? YES

How long will it take for custom dimensions and color? 21 DAYS.

Do you have different dimensions available? YES, DIMENSIONS: 30”, 31”, 32”, 33”, 34” IN -8,-9,-10.

When do I use the bat? During all your practice sessions. Toss, T work, Machine, AND Live. PLEASE NOTE: YOUR WEAK HITTERS SHOULD MASTER T AND TOSS WORK BEFORE GOING TO MACHINE AND LIVE BP.

What are the best drills to use the SB401 Training Bat? Any drill that enforces the importance of keeping your hands “in” especially when mastering hitting UTM (up the middle) and keeping the inside pitch FAIR. (Aren't you tired of them pulling everything into the home dugout?).

Do you put tape on the handle? Three choices.

       A. Your sponsor's leather tape B.trainer tape C. Nothing…depends on your budget.

Do you have an instructional tape? Yes (it will be out this fall. We filmed in August). Let us know if you want one.

IS IT BEST TO SWING THE BAT “LABEL UP”?      Yes, like any wood bat, swing with either label facing up. (minimizing any cracking).

Continued success…

Sue Enquist

X Bats



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