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Training Bat

The SB401 comes in the most popular inch/ounce dimensions. You simply train with the SB401 instead of your game bat. T work, soft toss, machine work, and live batting practice are where you swing the SB401.

Please let common sense rule the day. If you are just learning how to hit, or teaching players how to hit, use the SB401 in controlled settings: T work, and modified front and side toss drills. As they master a sound fundamental swing, let them use the SB401 off of machine hitting and live batting practice.

This won't be your ticket to stardom. This isn't a gadget or gimmick. Simple a tool to hold the player accountable whether you are in their presence or not!


  • SB401 Fast Pitch Softball Training Bat

    Price: $160.00

    The SB401 Fast Pitch Softball Training bat was developed by former 11 time National Champion UCLA Softball Player and Coach and Softball Hall of Famer, Sue Enquist. This training bat has a very short barrel with a small sweet spot. It is designed to be used for short toss and tee drills to help the player develop a short, direct, hands inside the ball baseball type swing rather than the long loopy swing many softball players have. By keeping the hitters hands inside the ball, they can develop more power and wait a little longer on the pitch and hit the outside pitch to the opposite field, a feat not possible with a long rotational swing. The SB401 softball training bat is currently being used by over 80 Division I Softball programs and is an integral development tool to any players daily regimen.

    SB401 Fast Pitch Softball Training Bat

    SB401 Fast Pitch Softball Training Bat

    SB401 Fast Pitch Softball Training Bat