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Hitting Tips: Key to Making Solid Contact

04-18-2017  |  By: X Bats |  (1) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

In order to hit like a pro, you need to get tips from a pro.

20-year Major League Baseball veteran and famed batting instructor Reggie Smith has written out some hitting tips for us to share with you:

Staying “On-Plane” Key to Making Solid Contact


How to Find the Perfect Baseball Bat for Your Child

04-11-2017  |  By: X Bats |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

Baseball is a great sport for children to get involved in. Not only is it a good source of exercise, but it is fun too!

If your child is new to baseball, it can be difficult to know which bat to buy. There are so many different types of bats to choose from. Each child has different needs when it comes to bat size. That is why it is so important to make sure that those needs are met when shopping for a bat.

If your child starts out with a bat that does not fit their needs, they will most likely begin to create bad habits that will be hard to correct in the future. Taking the time to make sure that you find the right bat for your child will help your child develop good technique, which they will need for their future baseball career.