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Hitting Tips: Key to Making Solid Contact

By: X Bats

In order to hit like a pro, you need to get tips from a pro.

20-year Major League Baseball veteran and famed batting instructor Reggie Smith has written out some hitting tips for us to share with you:

Staying “On-Plane” Key to Making Solid Contact

Swinging “on-plane” is one of the basic precepts of being a successful hitter. Whether I am working with a Little League player or a professional, or conducting a hitting clinic in Nicaragua, the principal remains the same.

  1. Hitting “on-plane” means the swing path of the bat matches the trajectory of the ball. If the pitch is moving level to the ground, the swing is also level. If the pitch is moving on a downward trajectory, the bat is moving upward, matching the angle of the ball's travel.
  2. The longer the bat shares the same space as the ball, the more likely you are to make solid contact. When you successfully hit “on-plane”, the ball and bat travel the same path together for a longer stretch of time. This is also called “hitting through the ball”.
  3. The idea is to have the bat center make contact just below the equator, or center, of the ball. I teach a hitter to put the bottom of the bat to the bottom of the ball. The chance of hitting a line drive using this approach is greatly improved.
  4. To increase your bat speed when you swing, try to move your back elbow to your belly button as fast as you can. This gets your arm in sync with your hips and legs as you bring the bat around and rotate your hips. The result will be more power in your swing.
  5. I also teach a hitter to keep his wrists locked and unbroken through the hitting zone. The turning over of the wrists shouldn't begin until the bat has carried through the hitting zone. Proper mechanics and lots of practice are required to successfully meet the ball at the right time and place in space.

Reggie Smith is one of the top hitting instructors in baseball history. During his many years in Major League Baseball, he hit over .300 in 7 seasons with over 300 HRs and more than 1,000 RBIs.

Following his career in the Major Leagues, Reggie Smith has dedicated countless hours to helping youth baseball players develop their technique so that they can live out their dreams just like he was able to. The Reggie Smith Academy in Encino, CA is dedicated to helping hitters from age 5 through the Major Leagues find their ideal swing to maximize their success.

If you are dedicated to improving your hitting technique, try out the RS Backspin Youth Training Bat. It was developed by Reggie Smith to train proper palm-up-palm-down hand position to encourage a smooth path through the hitting zone.

It is such an incredible honor to be able to share hitting tips straight from the mouth of the professional himself, Reggie Smith. The tips provided will help you increase your batting technique so that you can be the star batter of your team.



  • Brendan Quinlan

    in Reggie we Trust!

    April 27 2017 03:29 AM |