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Fungo, Training, Coaching Bats, X-Bats

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Practice and training makes solid baseball players. Players and coaches who take baseball training seriously know this, which is why they want (and use) reliable, effective, and well-designed fungo, training, and coaching bats—for a variety of training functions and purposes. But figuring out which fungo or training bat is right for the situation and task at hand takes some knowledge and experience.

Strength Training for Young Athletes

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Strength training can help kids and teens build healthy muscles, joints, and bones. With a properly designed and supervised program, they can improve endurance, total fitness level, and sports performance. Strength training can even help prevent injuries and speed up recovery.

Trophy Bats, Gift Bats, X-Bats

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Looking for a not-to-be-forgotten way to say “thanks” or recognize an accomplishment? Trophy bats and gift bats are a terrific and versatile way to make a powerful impact — they enhance most any occasion. Want to surprise and impress a special person, employee, teammate or group on a special occasion?

Everyone has memorable occasions — that’s what life’s about — but figuring out how to make them unforgettable is one of those things many often struggle with. Making sure these experiences are remembered well is the trick. Fortunately, a great solution is just a few clicks away.


Compare Wood v Metal Bats

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Bat Feedback

Wooden bats help every hitter develop a more consistent hitting stroke. A hitter is forced to take a direct path to the ball so his swing is shorter, more compact and his bat speed increases. The feedback from a good clean hit is immediate- the ball jumps off the bat and the high pitched crack of the bat is distinctive. A poor swing has a dull sound and the ball doesn’t have the exit speed or the distance.