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Trophy Bats, Gift Bats, X-Bats

By: X Bats

Looking for a not-to-be-forgotten way to say “thanks” or recognize an accomplishment? Trophy bats and gift bats are a terrific and versatile way to make a powerful impact — they enhance most any occasion. Want to surprise and impress a special person, employee, teammate or group on a special occasion?

Everyone has memorable occasions — that's what life's about — but figuring out how to make them unforgettable is one of those things many often struggle with. Making sure these experiences are remembered well is the trick. Fortunately, a great solution is just a few clicks away.

Trophy Bat

Made of wood, trophy bats, gift bats, keepsake bats and award bats are available in many shapes and sizes to commemorate events, seasons, triumphs, coaches, personal accomplishments, and even births. Recipients smile big — they're genuinely pleased with and appreciate this lasting, keepsake gift heralding one of life's special moments. Wood trophy bats are timeless, attention-getting, and interesting conversational focal points — warmly and colorfully decorating homes and offices across the country. They create a record of professionalism and aspiration, and say a lot about their owners.

It's easy to understand why trophy bats are so well received — they're a meaningful visual reflection of important events, accomplishments and memories. They're custom-created one-of-a-kind reminders that thank, celebrate, and create lasting bonds. They can recognize or honor noteworthy achievements, participation or support, or simply record a meaningful event. Either way, they make a great and enduring impression on recipients. They hold high personal value for decades to come.

Baby Birth Bat

Whenever you want to officially recognize a personal accomplishment or milestone, a custom commemorative gift bat uniquely signals the recipient has “knocked it out of the park.”

Tap your creativity — trophy bats can be a “hit” in lots of different ways:

  • Team trophy bats for players, coaches, and sponsors.
  • Recognition to individual team players.
  • Gifts to team sponsors.
  • Corporate promotions and gifts.
  • Promotional giveaways, raffles, or charity fundraisers.
  • Any gift-giving occasion (wow a boss or a co-worker).
  • Celebrate a relationship milestone or anniversary.          
  • A substitute for traditional trophies.
  • Group awards.
  • Celebrate retirement, weddings, newborns, corporate events, graduations, appreciation.
  • Creative announcements or invitations.
  • Newborn gifts — Rooky-of-the-Year Baby-Birth Bats — celebrate births and birthdays.
  • Graduations.

You get the idea. Pretty much any memorable event can be perfectly captured for posterity in a stunning trophy bat or gift bat. And getting it done is a snap.

Selection and Customization

Trophy bats and gift bats are available in a number of sizes and shapes, from mini bats of just 11” to full-sized 34”engraved ceremonial bats. Crafted from the highest-quality wood of your choice (heavier woods not intended for game use), they are fully customizable to meet your needs in your choice of colors, with engraving detailing the memories worth keeping. Our 11” Mini bats with three engraved lines on the barrel and one on the handle and a custom logo are a favorite for commemorating company or employee milestones — and they don't take up much desk space either.

Your truly original design can include:

  • Affix your signature.
  • Affix your logo or other custom design.
  • Name all of a team's players and coaches, or all of your group's participants.
  • Event dates and places.
  • Identify your baby's full name, date and place of birth.
  • Graduation dates and notable academic details (with alma mater colors).
  • Identify professional, business, or career milestones and anniversaries.

Easy to Order and Customize — Online

You won't have a problem or waste any time creating your perfect trophy bat — it's is easy to customize using our user-friendly online “trophy-bat configurator.” We've made it as simple as it can be with the website tool. Even better X-Bats' state-of-the-art laser engraving equipment gets your trophy bat order details right every time.

Display Cases

Of course, what's a trophy bat without the right display case? Recipients want their bats and their memorable moments to be featured, seen and talked about — prominently and professionally. So, don't forget a beautiful bat display case, available for one, three or five bats. These solid hardwood cabinets are beautifully designed and of high-quality construction, each with a glass door to keep your Trophy bat pristine, untouched and dust free. They are configured for wall mounting.

Now that you know how easy it is to create a trophy bat or gift bat and preserve life's important moments in a truly meaningful way, we hope you'll let us help you help others celebrate and remember. 



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