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Pro Stock Baseball Maple Model 24

The X Bat Pro Stock Model 24 is based on the very popular power hitter C243 shape. This is the ultimate thin handle, big barreled bat. The diameter of the handle is smaller at its contact point with the knob. The barrel is turned as full as possible. Handle is 15/16" with a conventional knob and a 2 5/8" barrel. This is an end loaded bat used by a large number of our Major League power hitters. This is a bat for experienced wood bat hitters who have short swings and want the weight at the end of their bat.
  • Model: INV-Maple-24-Black
  • Rating:
  • 1954 / INV-Maple-24-Black
    101-day Warranty Replacement Policy (+$30.00):
  • Price: $175.00

Customer Reviews

  • Chuck

    These bats are beautiful -- and the service was too!

    Bats are masterfully tapered: just the right amount of top heavy. The barrel is a warhead yet the bat still feels light. I especially like the knob as well, really lets you lead with your hands and control the barrel.

    Only con is a personal preference of mine, which I have with any lacquered bat, that the grip of the lacquer is just a bit slick. I prefer to sand my handles down to be unfinished.

    In general, just a perfect bat, fast shipping, great service. You can't beat the quality for the price.

    May 05 2016 06:22 AM |
  • Dylan

    I really love this bat! My preference has always been smallish handle and barrel weighted bats and this bat feels almost custom made to my specs.

    The bat is solid and with a standard lizard skin grip, it's absolutely perfect.

    I'm definitely looking at getting a spare of this bat to keep just in case it breaks, but so far, it's the best wood bat I've ever had!

    January 01 2020 10:45 AM |