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Wood bats for Softball

By: X Bats

More and more leagues around the country are switching to wood softball bats. Wood softball bats make the game more fun and not just a technology race to see who can hit the ball the furthest with the most expensive non-wood bat. Many leagues are co-ed and the field is leveled a bit and open to more competition with wood bats. Instead of grip it and rip it with non-wood softball bats, skill, bat control, ball placement and strategy play a greater role in the game.

ASA Model 59

One of the nicest parts about choosing a wood softball bat is the ability to select a length, weight, balance point, handle thickness and knob style to build your bat your way. Non-wood bats come in one shape and very few size choices. The non-wood bat makers order them in bulk from Chinese suppliers so one size fits all is their mantra. Unfortunately, one size doesn't fit all or suit all when it comes to finding the right wood bat.

Pro Stock Maple ASA Approved Softball 73

Since ASA bat regulations are very specific, most softball bat barrels are 2 1/4” and pretty much the same. The customization comes in in selecting the weight (heavy is ALWAYS better for slow pitch softball- even or +2 to start for experienced wood softball bat hitters), the handle thickness, the handle shape, the knob style and your choice of colors, flags and engraving to personalize YOUR bat to fit YOUR game.

Wood softball leagues seem to keep players playing longer and having more fun playing and competing. Isn't that what playing softball is all about?



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