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Why Fungo?

By: X Bats

Why Fungo?

In order to play well in the game of baseball, relentless hours of practice are of the utmost importance. To properly practice, teams should have two Fungo bats. X Bats manufactures three models. These models are made of maple wood and used mostly by professionals.

The wood Infield Fungo is 33 or 34 inches in length with a thin handle and scaled down barrel. This bat is designed for control, accuracy and the ability to place the ball in all directions. Using this bat to simulate regular game conditions will give infielders the necessary practice to react properly during games. Resembling this Infield Fungo is X Bat's all-purpose Fungo.

The outfield Fungo Stick is 36 inches long and has a thin handle well as a small barrel. It is mainly used to hit fly balls to outfielders. This will help improve their judgment and throwing skills. The extra length provides a whip like action necessary to hit balls with control and accuracy.

The newest Fungo is the Fungo 73 with a large knob for better comfort and bat control. It is 35 inches in length with a 2 1/4 inch barrel. The handle is thin and has a large flared knob. Because of the versatility of the bat, it has become our most popular model.



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