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Welcome to X Bats Bat Blog

By: X Bats

We are pleased to have you follow our new X Bats Bat Blog, featuring the latest in news on wood baseball and softball bats, advancements in wood bat technology, news from the pros, advice on selecting the right wood bat and many other areas of interest to baseball and softball players of all ages.

X Bats has been making the finest professional quality wood baseball and softball bats for discerning players of all ages since 1999. As a leader in wood bat technology, we have made more maple bats than any other bat manufacturer in the 21st century. We have learned a lot about what performs and what doesn't, what holds up to use and what doesn't, what wood and model is best for each players' age, size, style and level of play. We have players in the pros that began playing with X Bats' wood bats as youth players. We have outfitted major collegiate softball programs with the training tools to help them be successful. We have thousands of softball players at all ages and levels who enjoy success from the custom fit the choices in models, sizes and weights give them. We make bats that fit every player to enhance their performance on the field and provide value for the investment they are making in their equipment. Remember, the bat is the single piece of equipment in all of sports that has the greatest impact on a player' performance.

Company Headlines

X Bats has just launched a new website with a revolutionary bat configurator to assist players in customizing their X Bats. Check it out at /xbat-configurator/

X Bats is using the off season to test new woods and new sourcing of existing woods to increase performance and durability.

X Bats is the leading producer or youth bats with nine different models so each player can find the fit that helps his game advance to the next level. We have just introduced a line of Super Light Youth Maple baseball bats with weights as light as -8. Now every player can find a wood bat that accommodates their size and strength and level of play.

Coming Soon

X Bats has fielded so many questions ranging from parents of young players to pros on what bat is right for them. We will use our blog to answer questions on a wide range of topics related to wood species, logging and log harvesting, bat billet production, the bat production process, bat swing weights and why players choose the bats they feel help them play their best.



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