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Three Signs Your Child's Coach is a Fanatic

By: X Bats

Have you ever had a teacher that was overbearing, skittish, or tended to focus too much on the negative? People like that bring us down as children, and cause hurdles in our learning patterns and self-esteem.

The same goes for coaches. Children that play baseball are likely to learn strength, endurance, critical thinking, teamwork, and above all, confidence granted they have the right people on their side, but if their coaches spend too much time on the sidelines screaming at them when they make a mistake, that's a bad sign. A fanatical coach is likely to destroy your child's love of baseball, learning, and even themselves.

Here are three signs your child's coach might need to be replaced:

1. He gets angry too quickly.

Baseball players learn through success and failure. If your child's coach spends too much time chewing them out after they've done something wrong, they're probably unaware of what being a coach is all about.

Coaches should never judge; they're there to guide. If your child makes a bad move out on the field, they probably need a little extra practice. That's all. It doesn't mean they have no future and they deserve to be humiliated, so if their coach overreacts, it's probably time to get involved.

2. He focuses too much on the game.

The great thing about baseball is the life-lessons it teaches. It's not just about getting your head together and thinking about what needs to be done at the plate. Many aspects of gameplay can also be applied to regular life. If your child is taught to envision objectives on the diamond, they can also envision getting A's in school and taking care of their siblings.

If your child's coach expects them to sacrifice schoolwork, family time, or anything else in the “name of the game,” that's no good. Baseball teaches a child how to be successful in all areas, not just the sport, and if their coach doesn't see this, it may be time for them to switch teams.

3. He lets players demean each other.

Childhood is a time for learning and comprehension. It's about mental, physical and emotional development, and whatever happens in our childhoods tends to shape us for the rest of our lives. What we experience during these years usually determines how we'll behave and think as adults, and any coach that can't understand this doesn't belong on the field.

While bullying isn't necessarily permitted, some coaches may turn a blind eye to it, thinking it will force kids to “toughen up” or develop a thick-skin, but all this really does is incite anger, sadness, and low confidence in young players. No child deserves to be bullied or made to feel bad about their level of skill, so if your child is mistreated, their coach needs to know, and if nothing gets done, it may be time for a change.

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