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The Most Popular Model

By: X Bats

Hillerich and Bradsby have over 300 Pro models on record today. They also have 20,000 specification cards in the Pro model file.  For example, both Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron used similar model bats. However, Ruth's bat weighed 42 ounces and Aaron's weighed 33 ounces. The model bat most popular today is that of Eddie Malone of the Chicago White Sox, for whom the bat Model M I 10 is named. Bats also have nicknames such as Timber, Lumber, Willow, Black Death, Black Betsy and Stick. Give Hillerich and Bradsby credit for manufacturing millions of baseball bats for more than 115 years. Their bats were, and still are, made in America.

Having confidence in a baseball bat is very important to every Major League player. The players make their bat selections very carefully in order to insure that they obtain the best bat made for them. Ted Williams, the Boston Red Sox slugger, considered his bat a very good friend. As a result, his accomplishments included a .406 season in 1941, two Triple Crowns, two Most Valuable Player awards, six time American League Batting Champion, 521 home runs and eighteen All Star games. His .551 on base percentage still stands to this day. Williams' career batting average was .344. Yes, Ted Williams was one of the greatest hitters that ever lived.

If Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals did not have a number on his uniform, he would still be easily recognized due to his famed corkscrew stance and ringing line drives. During the time that Musial pitched Class C Baseball, he developed arm problems. It was then that he became a slugging outfielder. He topped .300 eighteen times, won seven National League titles, was a three time Most Valuable Player and played in twenty four All Star games. Stan Musial was nicknamed "The Man" and it was often said that he hit "from around the corner".

Joe DiMaggio is remembered as one of the games' most graceful athletes. Many rate his 56 consecutive game hitting streak in 1941 as the top feat of all time. The "Yankee Clipper ", with his wide stance, was two time Batting Champion, three time Most Valuable Player, averaged 118 RBI's and had a .325 lifetime mark. Because of an ankle injury, DiMaggio played in only 139 games. Nevertheless, he still had 125 RBI's, 76 base on balls and struck out only 13 times. Make no mistake, 1941was the year of the streak and of .406.

Many times it has been written that Willie Mays of the New York Giants excelled in all phases of baseball. His staggering statistics include 3,283 hits, 660 home runs, a 302 average, two-time MVP, eleven Gold Gloves, twenty four All Star games, four World Series and the National League Rookie of the Year in 1951. Willie used an Adirondack McLaughlin-Millard bat to help him complete these statistics.

Another exciting moment in baseball happened on October 1, 1951. New York Giant outfielder Bobby Thomson, using an Adirondack Model 302 bat, hit a ninth inning, three run homer to beat the Brooklyn Dodgers and win the Pennant. To the Giants and the rest of baseball, Thomsons' blast was "The shot heard round the world"..



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