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The 'Clank' of the Bat

By: X Bats

Amateur baseball players use aluminum baseball bats most commonly and the bats are here to stay. These bats, however, at first were not without problems. Some were not strong enough and would bend when hit with a baseball. At times, it was found that the rubber plug at the end of the bat would pop off. Replacement of the plug was necessary. For the most part, these problems have now been corrected.

Easton entered the team sports market with aluminum bats in 1970. Their metal working technology has produced one of the best balanced and best performing bats in the world. Easton excels in the aluminum bat market at every level. Their bats were the choice of the Gold Medal winning United States Olympic baseball Team. Many college players, including those that participate in the College World Series, approach home plate with the high performance Easton bat in their grasp.

The Louisville Slugger aluminum bats were introduced to baseball players in the early 1970's. The NCAA legalized aluminum bats in 1974. Louisville's plant is in Santa Fe, California because the high strength alloys of aluminum are produced in this region. The importance of these alloys is twofold:

  • They provide strength and durability to withstand the impact of striking a baseball.
  • These alloys contribute to the production of high-performance lightweight bats.

Louisville produces over one million aluminum baseball bats a year.

With the proper technology and engineering, the aluminum tube of these bats is drawn to redistribute the walls with the desired weight. After tempering, the bat is tapered to the proper dimensions. Cleaning treatments and heat treatments are performed on each bat. They are straightened and in some instances, the ends are spun closed or machined to accept an end plug. The bats are polished, anodized and silk-screened. Before these bats are labeled and packed for shipment the plugs are put into place, the knobs are welded on the ends and they are gripped.



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