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Spring Training and the new Income Inequality

By: X Bats

The daily routines are very different in Major League camp and Minor League camp. There is more instruction and skills evaluation at Minor League camp. Major Leaguers may get instruction but it's typically not taken unless specifically asked for. One of the most difficult and unstable jobs in baseball is Major League hitting instructor. They are frequently blamed for lack of performance when all they can do is offer help. Whether it's taken or not is out of their control. Players at this level have few consequences for their actions. The team has much more power at the minor league level. 

Speaking of minor leaguers and future stars, baseball appears to be developing a two tier system to stay in step with the overall US economy. There are the select few with huge contracts and the up and coming guys playing for the minimum, fighting for a spot, really competing. So many of these players who are years away from arbitration are seemingly interchangeable to clubs. General Managers are using the " throw it against the wall and see if it sticks" approach before saying"next in line..." The days of $3, 5, 8 million dollar veteran players is rapidly disappearing. It's baseball's version of income inequality. The superstars attract fans, the rest of the guys just fill out the lineup. Expect to see much more of this.

The fans only see and read about "baseball" but there is the game of baseball (played last by players in high school or college) and the business of baseball (played by entertainers). What happens behind the scenes is truly fascinating. The Wizard behind the screen is what most of us see and read about.



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