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Softball as a Wood Bat Game

By: X Bats

Softball has about 27 million participants playing in the United States. What started as a recreational game with varying levels of competition and competitiveness evolved into a completely different game with the advent of metal and composite bats. No longer was the game about strategy and good fun but more about who had the “hottest” bat that could hit the ball further and faster. Hitting the ball over the fence was what the game became about more than bat control and hitting them where they ain't.

Pro Stock Maple ASA Approved Softball 73

A movement started about 10 years ago by players and leagues to take the game back from the $400. super bats and put it back in the hands of the players. Wood leagues started cropping up all over the country and little by little the game began devolving back to it's origins. Co-ed softball became more popular, rec softball leagues became games not home run derbies  infielders weren't playing on the outfield grass for fear of getting nailed by a laser shot from one of the super bats. Softball is actually gaining popularity because it's become more fun for all players and more competitive because the field has been leveled by the use of wood bats.

Hopefully more and more leagues will continue to switch to wood softball bats and more players will participate as a result.



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