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Selecting The Right Bat Weight- Baseball

By: X Bats

The reason we make some models in -2 rather than -3 (and the truth is that no maple bats should be made as light as -3 period) is that we understand after getting feedback on tens of thousands of bats what parameters a bat model needs to both perform and hold up. Maple is a heavy, dense wood and thus far, the best performing wood for bats. However, when bats are made with billets that are too light, they perform more like ash and break more readily than ash. Maple is a less flexible wood than ash so light maple does not have the performance advantage over ash and breaks easier than ash due to it's stiffness. This is why the maple backlash in MLB has come about. Too many bat makers  are making light bats they have no business making. We refuse those orders from players but other bat makers do not. We have over 300 MLB players for a reason. We know what will work for them and what won't. We won't compromise our brand and reputation to make something we know won't perform and hold up.

If a player really feels he needs a lighter bat, then ash is the way to go. Going shorter and heavier is a much better alternative than ash but modem aluminum bat players think they need length and less weight for bat speed. This is not true but years of hitting with counter weighted hollow barrels has taught players bad habits. Those habits cannot be replicated with wood bats and the learning process must start all over again. It is tough for the 14-16 y old player who hasn't fully developed his strength and wood swing yet. But that player needs to be patient while he gets stronger and develops the feel for swinging wood. Aluminum bats with all the weight in the handles and it's hollow barrels allows anyone to swing a bat without the strength or skills developed and acquired over time. Another example of our quick fix society.



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