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Rules References

By: X Bats

The ball is always immediately dead on a balk.

It is not. If a throw or pitch is made after the balk call, the ball is delayed dead. At the end of the play the balk may be enforced or not depending on what happened. On a throw; if ALL runners advance on the play, the balk is ignored. If not, the balk award is enforced from the time of pitch. On a pitch; if ALL runners INCLUDING the batter, advance on the play, the balk is ignored. Otherwise, it is no-pitch and the balk award is made from the time of the pitch.

Rule: 8.05 PENALTY
Official Baseball Rules

This Rule is TRUE in NFHS Rulebook. If the ball is pitched, all action on the play is negated. All runners are awarded one base and the count on the batter remains the same.

If a players feet are in fair territory when the ball is touched, it is a fair ball.

The position of the player's feet or any other part of the body is irrelevant. A ball is judged fair or foul based on the relationship between the ball and the ground at the time the ball is touched.

Rule: 2.00 FAIR, FOUL
Official Baseball Rules

The ball must always be returned to the pitcher before an appeal can be made.

An appeal may be made anytime the ball is alive. The only time the ball must go to the pitcher, is when time is out. The ball cannot be made live until the pitcher has the ball while on the rubber and the umpire says "Play." If time is not out, the appeal can be made immediately.

Rule: 2.00 APPEAL,
5.11, 7.10 Official Baseball Rules

With no runners on base, it is a ball if the pitcher starts his windup and then stops.

A pitch is a ball delivered to the batter by the pitcher. If the ball is not delivered, it is not a pitch. If this happens with runners on base it is a balk.

Rule: 2.00 PITCH

The pitcher must come to a set position before a pick-off throw.

The pitcher is required to come to a complete stop in the Set position before delivering the pitch, not before making a throw.

Rule: 8.05(m)
Official Baseball Rules

The pitcher must step off the rubber before a pick-off throw.

If the pitcher steps off the rubber he is no longer the pitcher, he is a fielder. He can throw to a base from the rubber, provided he does not break any of the rules under rule 8.05

Official Baseball Rules



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