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Rules References

By: X Bats

The batter-runner is always out if he runs outside the running lane after a bunted ball.

The runner must be out of the box AND cause interference. He is not out simply for being outside the lane. He could be called for interference even while in the lane. This is a judgment call.
Rules: 2.00
INTERFERENCE, 6.05(k), 7.09(k) Official Baseball Rules

A runner is out if he slaps hands or high-fives other players, after a homerun is hit over the fence.

The ball is dead on a homerun over the fence. You can't be put out while the ball is dead except when you pass another runner.
Rules: 5.02, 7.05(a)
Official Baseball Rules

Tie goes to the runner.

There is no such thing in the world of baseball umpiring. The runner is either out or safe.

The runner gets the base he's going to, plus one on a ball thrown out-of-play.

When a fielder other than the pitcher throws the ball into dead ball area, the award is 2 bases. The award is from where the runners were at the time of the pitch if it is the first play by an infielder before all runners have advanced or from where each runner was physically positioned at the time the ball left the throwers hand on all other plays.
Rule: 7.05(g)
Official Baseball Rules

Anytime a coach touches a runner, the runner is out.

The runner is out if the coach PHYSICALLY ASSISTS the runner. Hand slaps, back pats or simple touches are not physical assists.
Rule: 7.09(I)
Official Baseball Rules

Runners may never run the bases in reverse order.

In order to correct a base running mistake, the runner must retrace his steps and retouch the bases in reverse order. The only time a runner is out for running in reverse, is when he is making a travesty of the game or tries to confuse the defense.
Rules: 7.08(I),
7.10(b) Official Baseball Rules



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