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New High School and College Bat Regulations

By: X Bats

New High School and College Bat Regulations

With the new BBCOR aluminum and composite bats mandated for high school and professional play, players are finding that high quality professional grade wood bats are now outperforming the BBCOR bats.

BBCOR stands for "Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution" and it focuses on how much of a trampoline effect the barrel of a bat has on a ball. Bat manufacturers now have to, in effect, "deaden" the trampoline bounce that pitched balls experience when a batter makes contact. Basically, aluminum bats will theoretically be the same as wooden bats.

Beginning in 2012, all High School baseball bats will follow in the same way, that is, they will all need at BBCOR stamp on each metal/aluminum/composite bat.

What a player now gets for his $400. is one choice of bat shape from EVERY different manufacturer, one handle style from EVERY different manufacturer, one handle thickness from EVERY different manufacturer, only three length choices and one weight choice. WOW! The monopoly is dead! Players now have a say in the equipment that suits their size, strength and game.

X Bats will build your players bats to fit them, your players will no longer have to settle for the limited offering of the Asian bat factories.

Smart players are finding that a professional quality wood bat from X Bats actually outperforms the BBCOR bats at a fraction of the price. The choice of 28 different shapes, a wide range of handle and knob styles and a variety of handle thicknesses AS WELL as half inch lengths, 13 different weight choices, 38 different color choices and your name, team/school name or signature engraved on the bat to boot, makes X Bats a much preferred piece of equipment.

The days of metal bats are coming to an end. No more one-size-fits-all at four times the price.

Top programs nationwide have started training with wood to get ready for the next season. We've been outfitting them over the last month and the inquiries increase daily. Your players' hands will get stronger, their forearms will get stronger, their batting eye will get better, their swing will be quicker and they will become better hitters. You take your training into the game. No more training with wood to get develop their hitting, then playing games with metal with their completely different balance and feel. Wood bats are what top players are training with and top teams are playing with.

You and your players work hard to play the game to win. Why wouldn't you use the best equipment available? Why wouldn't you custom fit your player's bat to their game?

The baseball bat is the single piece of equipment in ALL of sports that has the greatest impact on a player's performance. No more fitting a square peg in a round hole.

Let X Bats help you custom fit the bat that will help your team succeed in 2014.

If your players dreams are playing collegiate baseball or professional baseball, the time to start honing their swing and their game is now.

Let X Bats help them get to that next level.

X Bats is STILL the only company that will make the same quality and grade wood bat for all of our customers as we make for our 300+ Major Leaguers.

Our experience tells us that most high school and college coaches are advocates of wood bats. Coaches have experience playing with wood and know it sharpens a players swing and strengthens his hands and wrists. In the past, aluminum bats had such a performance advantage over wood that programs feared being at a competitive disadvantage if they didn't swing the latest metal bat technology. 2014 is going to be a game changer. For the first time in decades, top quality professional grade wood bats have a performance advantage over BBCOR bats.



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