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Landing a Baseball Scholarship: What Are the Odds?

By: X Bats

What are one's chances of landing a college baseball scholarship?

Well, let's look at a few inconvenient truths that many people don't examine... Very few players actually make it to the big leagues (NCAA Division I). You can study a sport your whole life, even in college, but it's not easy to get recruited, much less noticed, by the right people. It's not impossible, but the odds are certainly against you.

That said, there's no harm in dreaming a little. Sitting around and not trying is only going to lead to one outcome: nothing. At least giving it your all guarantees your chances will be higher, so let's look at some numbers.

The first thing you'll want to do is get on a team. That in itself, isn't always feasible – roughly 1,600 colleges, both two and four-year institutions, feature men's baseball teams, and they're looking for the best of the best. A little over 15,000 baseball teams decorate America's high schools, which means that for every college team, there are approximately nine high schools.

Similarly, there are over 300,000 high school players, compared to only 31,000 members of college teams (considerably less for Division I). Do you see what we're getting at? Even if you're a fantastic high school player, there's no guarantee your luck will extend to the college level. The lack of room alone could wind up getting in your way…

But again, let's be positive. Say some good fortune floats your way and earns you a spot on a respected college team. Now what? The odds of landing a scholarship are even smaller, and most schools in NCAA D2 and D3 don't offer athletic scholarships. Some divisions of the NAIA and NJCAA come up empty-handed as well.

Baseball is also considered an “equivalency sport,” which means whatever scholarship money is available is usually divided amongst multiple players. Despite all the hard work, extra hours and practice you've put in, the amount you'll receive isn't likely to do much for you, and the amount of colleges offering full scholarships are very few. The NCAA also limits how many awards can be granted each year.

So, what are some ways to get the attention you deserve? You can start by posting your athletic resume online. Sites like LinkedIn make this very easy for serious players. Emphasize specific points in your career thus far; things like what teams you've played for, the number of games you've participated in, the points you've scored, and how many home runs you've hit. You should also mention any championship games in your roster.

Next, create a demo reel that highlights your skills. Any clips of you knocking the ball out of sight and bringing your team home should be included. What footage is bound to make scholarship reps turn their heads? Go through any videos you might have and really show off your power.

You should also contact schools and get more information about the scholarships they offer. Again, it's important to remain realistic. Understand that while funds might be available, having a backup plan so you don't miss out on your education is extremely important.

Another great thing you can do? Start training with an X Bat. We pride ourselves on providing quality, custom-made bats to players who are serious about their careers. Whether you're just getting started or you've been playing your whole life, an X bat is the perfect tool to bring you closer to your dreams. To explore our merchandise, visit, or contact us to place an order today. First-time users receive a 15% discount, so get in touch. We look forward to serving you.



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