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Illegal Bat Penalties

By: X Bats

Before the batter steps into the box: Under all codes, if detected, the umpire can direct the player to switch to a legal bat. There is no penalty.

The batter is in the box but has not seen a pitch: Under NFHS and pro rules, the batter is considered to have used the illegal bat as soon as he steps into the box.

The batter is in the box and a pitch has been thrown: Under NCAA rules, a pitch has to be thrown for the illegal bat to be considered as used. It is irrelevant if the batter has swung at the pitch or not.

Penalty: The batter is out and all runners return to the base occupied at the start of the at-bat. Any runner advance that did not come as a result of the plate appearance (balk, stolen base, etc.) is permitted. The illegal bat must be discovered before the first pitch to the next batter.

Beginning with the 2012 season, under NFHS rules coaches are responsible for their team equipment. First offense for an illegal bat results in a bench ejection (restricted to bench) for the head coach. A second infraction for the same team results in ejection of the head coach.



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