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Hanna Bats

By: X Bats

The Hanna Manufacturing Company originated in Athens, Georgia in 1911. They were known for making handles for shovels, hand tools and farm implements. In 1926, Hanna started making toy bats for department stores and a short time later the company was making bats for sporting goods stores, colleges and the Major Leagues. They manufactured bats until going out of business in 1976.

Hanna originally used Southern ash for their baseball bats and hickory for their softball bats. Problems developed with uneven grain in the wood caused by the inconsistent spring seasons of the South. To solve this problem, Hanna decided to purchase acreage in Pennsylvania and New York and then proceeded to build two processing factories. When the dowels were received at the Athens factory, they had to be graded, sorted and stacked to dry. Once the bats were turned,sanded and completely finished, they were branded Hanna or Batrite, depending on the quality. The top grade of bat was called Batrite or WTA and the next grade was called Hanna TA. In 1933 Hanna patented the Batrite non-chipping treatment used on all bats. In 1935, the Flox "hold fast" grip was introduced and was especially advantageous to those ball players who perspired greatly. A cork grip was marketed in 1936 and, in 1941 the cupped bat came along. This type of bat removed the excess weight from the end of the bat and gave the bat a new center of balance as well as a smoother, more accurate swing.

Many college coaches had accepted each of the six above mentioned styles. Hanna manufactured other styles of bats that were exclusively shipped to department stores.

Hanna was responsible for one more important innovation. It was the fiberglass sleeve, which was incorporated into the bat handle. The purpose of this sleeve was to reduce the number of broken bats.

Another aspect of the Hanna Manufacturing Company involved the making of Batrite custom bats with a registered balance. When ordering a duplicate, it was necessary to send only the serial number to the factory. Some of the notable Major League players who visited the factory were Babe Ruth, Johnny Mize and Luke Appling. Some of the bat styles in the 1936 Hanna catalogs were Ruth, Hornsby, Gehrig, Foxx, Ott, Terry and Cronin. These bats sold for $2.50 each. The same bat in 1974-75 sold for $7.10 each.

Simmons' Long Bat and Wee Willie's Bat

"He'll never be a hitter" voiced the critics of Al Simmons, referring to his "foot in-the-bucket" stance. Little did the critics know how wrong they were. Al Simmons hit over .300 in eleven consecutive seasons and had 100 RBIs twelve times. He bit .390 in 1931 and averaged .329 in four World Series. He used a Hillerich and Bradsby bat that was the longest bat that Louisville ever made. It was 38 inches in length and weighed 46 ounces. Tommy Henrich of the New York Yankees said, "Al hated pitchers with a vengeance and showed it." Simmons played most of his career with the Philadelphia A's and Washington Senators from 1924 to 1944, and with four other teams.

Willie Keeler's motto was "Hit them where they ain't". He used the shortest bat ever made by Hillerich and Bradsby. It was 30 1/2 inches long. Willie was 5 feet  4 1/2 inches tall, weighing only 140 pounds. He played for the Orioles and four other teams and became one of baseballs' greatest place hitters as well as an outstanding bunter. The large barrel of his short bat gave him great bat control. In 1898, Willie hit a record 200 singles out of a total of 214 hits. This record still remains today



  • dooie

    Thanks for the info on Hanna Bats. I have a Batrite No. FTA Robinson Style that I used in little league in 1974 and was always curious of its history. Unfortunately it didn't make it through half the season but still a treasured souvenir from my youth.

    November 09 2015 03:37 PM |
  • Billy

    I have an old wooden Hanna bat, can barely see the silvery-grey lettering. Has the "HANNA" then underneath "Baseball..." Possibly more that is rubbed off, then below that "REG US PAT. OFF..." Possibly more that is rubbed off, then below that "Athems, GA" and below that "OSBA". Can anyone tell me more about this particular bat? Age, is it Hickory or Ash? Actual model of this particular Hanna bat? Any addl info would be appreciated!

    April 08 2016 10:48 AM |
  • Gail Zimmerman

    I have a Hanna Batrite toy bat it also says 20th Century INC. On it.Phoenix is also on it. I had this over 30 years.

    August 11 2016 09:04 PM |
  • Bob

    I have a number of Hanna Corkball bats. Does anyone else have any of these?

    November 27 2016 05:50 AM |
  • Victor

    I found a Hanna Batrite 36" WTA John Romano. The finish is almost gone and the No. WTA, John Romano, Pro Treated engraving is barely visable. The fiberglass grip wrap is in tact. Threre in NO Little League info on the bat as almost all my searches have turned up John Romano as a LLE bat. Threre is a number 6 on the end.

    Is this bat worth keeping? I was going to sand it down and refinish it as a barwall ornament.

    April 28 2017 04:30 PM |
  • Jeffrey

    I have an old hanna that I'm restoring,
    As I'm removing the old varnish, many
    other things appeared, such as Number 7F.
    32" bat.

    May 24 2017 06:55 PM |
  • Jeffrey

    I have an old hanna that I'm restoring,
    As I'm removing the old varnish, many
    other things appeared, such as Number 7F.
    32" bat.

    May 24 2017 06:55 PM |
  • Alan Duerson

    I just located a Hana Batrite Model SSB1 Official Softball Special Services U.S. Army marked bat. Anyone have an idea on its value? Very good shape, no chips in the knob, couple small dings in barrel. Has been marked with looks likes crossed guns and MP On the barrel and the knob, possible belonged to a Military Police unit? These last marks appear to have been done with a sharp possibly a knife and then colored in with a pen or it could have been done with a small wood burner.

    October 25 2017 06:14 AM |
  • daryl 0 holloway

    I have a few trees in my yard that about to be cut down is it any way possible to get a bat made from them ...oak and maple

    February 24 2018 01:59 PM |
  • Sue M

    i have a Hanna mfg co. No. Socko E wooden bat with Athens Ga. also engraved — does anyone know the year made and value ?

    Google searches not turning up much for research

    March 11 2018 12:47 PM |
  • Andrew Casagrande

    I have this Hanna bat , no number or model except for a "RMPG1" print below the Athens Hanna Georgia Made in USA seal . Can somebody tell me something else about this bat ? Thank you.

    June 22 2018 06:34 AM |
  • Patrick melvin

    i have a Hanna peh20 official hickory bat i cannot find any information on this

    August 23 2019 04:02 AM |
  • Agnès

    I have two Hanna bats, both from Athens Georgia (Semi-Pro) and with serial number 50. I would like to have more information about them and how much would they cost now. Thanks!

    August 10 2020 02:07 AM |
  • Rebecca Cole

    I have my grandfathers Hanna official corkball bat ( no CB). It just won the St Louis Corkball championship of 2020 adding to its provenance. I can’t find any info on the bat. If you have any please share.

    September 13 2020 07:21 AM |
  • joe jiardina

    I have a hanna batrite stickball bat No. SCB, I think? the middle letter or number is very faded. Could you provide more information?
    Thank you.

    February 02 2021 08:50 AM |
  • Jim Morgan

    I have the bat my Dad used in high school. He graduated in 1935. The bat's trademark says "OSBA" with "Athens" above that and "Georgia" below it stamped in an oval. Is there anyone out there that has any information on this company or brand?

    January 18 2022 01:58 PM |
  • Jim Morgan

    I have the bat my Dad used in high school. He graduated in 1935. The bat's trademark says "OSBA" with "Athens" above that and "Georgia" below it stamped in an oval. Is there anyone out there that has any information on this company or brand?

    January 18 2022 01:58 PM |
  • Wolfgang

    I have a Hanna Batrite SSB1 bat, which apparently was made between 1936 and 1976 but also states Official Soft ball US Army. Would anyone know years these were made for the army? Thanks

    January 22 2023 02:01 AM |
  • Luke S

    Looking for info on a bat we found while renovating our 1924 house. Burke Hanna No.DB bat.

    Any info would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    February 21 2023 04:38 PM |
  • Caryn

    Looking for a price on a bat we have #267 excellent shape major league F200 .

    April 05 2023 07:35 AM |
  • Raymond Riddles

    I have several Hanna Dixie Youth bats ll10 whic have never been used

    May 10 2024 07:53 PM |