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Bat + Ball = Excitement

By: X Bats

Ever since the first recorded game, June 19, 1846 at Elysian Field in Hoboken, New Jersey, the spirit of baseball has swept America off its feet. Although changes have altered the sport throughout the years, the foundation upon which baseball was built still remains the same. That foundation is the classic conflict between the pitcher and batter. It is this conflict that continues to amaze the older fans and attract the new ones.

Today I am confident that the current Major and Minor League players are grateful for all the improvements in the bat. These improvements, along with the changes, have developed throughout the last 160+ years. The pioneers of baseball will never be forgotten. They are represented each time today's players step onto the field.

As the modern day baseball player continues to thrill baseball fans all over the world, the challenge continues. There will always be one more inning, one more game and one more season.. *

...and to the 'thud'
by Steve Orinick



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