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Let your bat make you the best hitter you can be

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I had always thought that any bat I swung would be as good as any other. As I moved from metal to wood bats, I had to adapt my swing and stance and grip and timing, so I became accustomed to adjusting what I did to suit a given bat. There were, of course, bats that I liked more than others, but I couldn't really tell if my liking a bat honestly translated into better hitting – because I always felt that  I could (in fact, any good hitter could) change his swing to fit the bat. 

Choose the best softball bat for your swing

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Softball is highly competitive, and there are so many athletes trying to find a way to get ahead. Naturally, fielding, base running, and throwing are vital to any team and are requirements for any athlete to pursue, but hitting is what really separates a special player from his teammates. One of the most effective tools for improving your hitting is having the right bat for your swing and for your hitting style. Unlike youth baseball bat purchases which are purchased by a parent, slow pitch softball bats are most often purchased directly by the player. While there are many excellent bats available on the market, it is crucial to find one that can be designed specifically to take advantage of your strengths and to minimize your weaknesses as a hitter.