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Tater Grip offers two styles of patented bat grips. The Clear grip allows the player to design his/her own grip for maximum eye appeal and performance. The solid rubber grip is available in Black, Red, Navy Blue, and Pink. The solid rubber grip is a proprietary blend of high quality rubber that offers superior performance and more vibration dampening qualities than any baseball bat grip on the market. In addition the solid rubber grips have a higher concentration of moisture wicking properties as well as OV and UV protection.

No grip has ever been developed using this patented technology which overcomes the problem of getting the rubber grip over the knob of the bat.  Utilizing this patented technology, baseball and softball players alike can use the same high quality rubber grip products that golfers use instead of the cheap synthetic wrap grips that provide no performance qualities.  There is simply nothing like it...

  • Created from light weight materials that will increase bat speed
  • Installs in seconds easily sliding over the knob end of the bat 
  • Patented grip technology shrinks to fit as it dries
  • Created from vibration reducing materials - eliminates stinging hands
  • Torque resistant - It won’t twist like synthetic wrap style grips
  • A truly unique way to create your own custom bat grip


Tater Grip is approved and is legal in all youth and adult amateur leagues. Please check your local rules as it pertains to the maximum allowable length of a grip on a bat.  It's ASA Softball Approved.

MLB conducted a study at UMASS Lowell where they do all of their bat and ball tests. The average wood bat broke when it was struck with a ball at 145 mph, but bats with a Tater Grip applied were not breaking until over 180+ mph. The vibration dampening of the Tater Grip is proving to be a great addition to wood bats performance and longevity. Help your X Bat perform at it's best and last longer with a Tater Grip specifically designed for wood bats.

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  • Glenn 04-15-2014 01:03 AM
    I put one one my X Bat and I can't tell you how much more control I feel with this grip on my bat. I wear batting gloves but now I don't because this grip makes it so that I don't need gloves. Love my bat, love my grip! Thank you!