Baseball & Softball Batting Cages

Save hundreds on our batting cages over the competition's. We did some price comparison shopping on the internet. Shipping is hard to figure. Most companies don't tell you what it is or wait until you "check out" to tell you. It is also difficult to compute the total cost of a cage. Most companies have unbundled pricing and sell "net only" so trying to compare apples to apples is difficult. Find out the complete cost of a cage before you buy. The poles used on our cages are 3/4" EMT (electrical metallic tubing), trade name "thin wall." These are steel galvanized pipe and are standard 10' long, you don't have to cut or bend them, they are ready to go off the shelf.
  • Model: Baseball-and-Softball-Batting-Cages
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  • Price: $600.00

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