Custom Pro Youth Super Light

All of X Bats' Youth Bats (except the Model 6 Super Light) are made from our pro quality hard maple. As maple is a very heavy and dense wood, they outlast and outperform any youth bats available today. When we produce our wood billets, we get a very small percentage that are very light. We have developed a new line of Super Light Youth bats (as light as -8) using these super light billets. These are always at a premium since these are used to make big barreled adult baseball bat models but represent less than 10% of the billets we produce.

These Super Light maple bats are not as durable as the regular youth bats and generally won't perform as well since the wood is less dense. There are many younger/smaller players who find it difficult to transition from a -10 or -12 non-wood bat to a -5 wood bat. The Youth Super Light line of bats has been developed just for these players.



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