Custom Pro Youth

  • Youth Maple 10

    Price: $95.00
    Model 10 is a traditional bat for a young player aged 7-12. It has a long handle transitioning with a quick taper to a 2 1/4" barrel. It has a medium 15/16" handle and a small knob. It is available in weight ranges as light as -5.
  • Youth Maple 98BB

    Price: $100.00
    Model 98BB is the longest barreled bat. It has a long handle transitioning with a quick taper to a full 2 1/2″ barrel. The profile is similar to aluminum bats and is a great bat for the young player making the switch to wood.
X Bats offers 9 different youth bat models for every players size and style. These are the finest maple bats money can buy. We have over 300 Major League players swinging X Bats and we are the ONLY company that makes the same grade of wood for all of our customers. Whether you prefer a thin, medium or thick handle, a flared handle, a large knob or no knob, there is a model to suit your game. The Model 6 light and T-Ball are for young players aged 4-6. Model 8 has a thin handle, Model 10 and 98 a medium handle and Model 12 a thick handle for better bat control for small hands. The Model 73, our most popular model has a large knob for balance and a light swing feel. If you are 13-14 and not ready for adult bats yet- we make the Models 73BB and 98BB specifically for the transition stage from youth to adult bats


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