Fungo/Training X Bats makes a variety of training and coaching bats for players of all ages. We offer 3 different coaches fungoes in 33", 34" , 35" and 36" lengths- a regular fungo, an extended barrel fungo and a Fungo 73 with a large flared knob for comfort and balance. We offer the LOG for overload training, the Short Barrel Training bat for underload training and a special flat bat to encourage proper backspin and hand positioning on the bat. We also offer two Shorty bats for one hand drills and coordination.
  • SB401 Softball Training

    Price: $120.00

    The SB401 Fast Pitch Softball Training bat was developed by former 11 time National Champion UCLA Softball Player and Coach and Softball Hall of Famer, Sue Enquist. This training bat has a very short barrel with a small sweet spot. It is designed to be used for short toss and tee drills to help the player develop a short, direct, hands inside the ball baseball type swing rather than the long loopy swing many softball players have. By keeping the hitters hands inside the ball, they can develop more power and wait a little longer on the pitch and hit the outside pitch to the opposite field, a feat not possible with a long rotational swing. The SB401 softball training bat is currently being used by over 80 Division I Softball programs and is an integral development tool to any players daily regimen. It is offered in lengths from 30" to 34" and weights from -7. 

  • Log

    Price: $95.00
    A bat with an oversized 2 7/8" barrel and weight of 38 oz to 40 oz. Meant for hitting drills under coaching supervision.
  • Short Barrel Training Bat

    Price: $100.00
    This bat was developed as a training tool to build bat speed and train the hitter to hit the sweet spot- both very necessary to hitting with power and consistency. Just making contact is no longer acceptable. Today, not only making contact, but hitting the "sweet spot" is crucial to have any type of success.
  • Shorty

    Price: $85.00
    26" - 28" long, 25 oz to 27 oz weight, with a full barrel. Meant for infield and repetitive drills. Great for developing hitting technique with one hand swings.
  • Fungo

    Price: $100.00
    This is a classic fungo bat in hard maple for coaches at anylevel. The 33" and 34" are great for infield drills, the 36" isdesigned for outfield drills and the 35" in an all purpose fungo for bothinfield and outfield drills. The ideal addition to any coach's teachingtools. 
  • Fungo 73

    Price: $110.00
    Pro Maple Fungo 73 Now our most popular bat handle and knob is available on our maple Fungo in 34", 35" and 36" lengths. This fungo has great balance and comfort and allows every coach to hit fungoes longer than his players can field! This bat almost swings itself.
  • Fungo Extended

    Price: $110.00
    Traditional Fungo with extended barrel for more hitting surface area available in 34", 35" and 36" lengths.
  • RS Backspin Training Bat

    Price: $100.00
    The RS Backspin Training Bat has been designed for both tee and short toss drills and live batting practice to exaggerate the proper hand positioning when hitting.
  • RS Backspin Shorty

    Price: $90.00
    The flat sided training bats were developed by Reggie Smith, a 17 year Major Leaguer, big league batting instructor, US Olympic Team Hitting coach and owner of two baseball academies in Florida and Californi
  • RS Backspin Youth Training Bat

    Price: $80.00
    The RS Backspin Youth Training Bat has been designed for both tee and short toss drills and live batting practice to exaggerate the proper hand positioning when hitting.