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Bat resource guide

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Training Baseball Bats

The LOG is a heavy maple bat used for overload training.  The Log can be used to warm up before practice or in the on deck circle before batting. It is used to build strength i the hands, wrists and forearms while hitting in normal practice situations. Many pros use a series of Logs at diminishing weights to build strength during the offseason, using a 34/40 for a week, then a 34/38 the next week, then a 34/36 the next week, then a 34/34 the week before starting games. Logs can be ordered in the same range of colors as all of our custom bats in weights up to +8.

SB401 Fast Pitch Softball Training Bat

by: XBats
The SB401 Fast Pitch Softball Training bat was developed by former 11 time National Champion UCLA Softball Player and Coach and Softball Hall of Famer, Sue Enquist (