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All orders are tracked by the name the order is being shipped to. Please tell us the first and last name your order is being shipped to in every e-mail so we can best help address your issue. Every email is answered every single day. If you do not receive a reply in 24 hours it means your email did not get to us. Please use the email address you entered when you placed your order to contact us. Please sign your email so we know who you are. We track orders by the name the bat is to be shipped to so please use that name in your email.

Normal production time is 3 weeks but could be as long as 6 weeks depending on availability of wood and volume of orders. THESE ARE CUSTOM MADE TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS! These are not off the rack bats. It would take 6 days to make a single bat even if there were no orders ahead of yours.

This is the process for making an X BAT for you. We take our maple blanks from the drying kiln and weigh them and sort them according to which Model, weight and length we want to build. We sort the right weight piece of pre-weighed 3x3x38" maple for, say, a Model 24 that is going to be 34 inches long and weigh 32 ounces when finished. Then it is turned to the right Model 24 shape. If it passes muster there without any visible internal flaws in the wood, it is sanded twice, the second time by hand. Then it is stained and hung to dry, it is re-stained and hung to dry again. Each step takes a day. Then a coat of finish is put on. It dries again for a day. Then the labels are put on and another two coats of finish are applied. It dries again between coats. Now the bat is ready to be laser engraved with the Model number, the length and your name. After it is laser engraved a final coat of finish is applied and after it dries, it is wrapped, packed and shipped. You can see how much work goes into a custom bat. Each bat goes through quality control at each step and about 20% don't make it from start to finish for one reason or another. When you receive your bat you will see the care that goes into making it is like no other bat made anywhere. For all that, we ask your patience.