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Pro Hitter Enhanced Bat Grip

The Pro Hitter bat tool has been developed to enhance the batter's grip technique resulting in more power and better consistency at the plate. Currently used by half of Major League hitters in games. The Pro Hitter keeps the bat more in the fingers so the bat is in the correct hitting position at all times. This simple aid also prevents painful bone bruises from batting sting caused by repetitive swings and training. Worn over the thumb on the top hand with or without batting glove.
The Pro Hitter helps keep a firm grip on the bat at contact for more solid contact and increased performance.

The Pro Hitter fits on the top thumb when batting with the rounded side in the web between the thumb and index finger.

Proper bat grip dictates the bat being held in the fingers rather than the palm of the hands. At contact, the bat moves back into the webbing of the top hand between the thumb and index finger causing a loss of solid connection between the hands and bat. The Pro Hitter serves to maintain a solid grip on the bat at contact which means more power and harder hits.

  • Model: Pro-Hitter-Enhanced-Bat-Grip
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  • Price: $15.00

Customer Reviews

  • C-los

    Bro if you paying more than 9 dollars for a prohitter, you getting snaked... go to dicks or even amazon or eBay

    July 09 2019 12:57 AM |