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Do you have your own Web site? If so, you can earn commission by selling products for X BATS! As you know, X BATS are one of the most popular wood bats being used at all levels of baseball, including the Big Leagues. Now you can take advantage of an existing brand, and make 10% of every sale you generate! Selling is easy--X BATS provides you with suggested copy, html code, as well as banners that you can use as you see fit on your site! Join the X BATS affiliate program today and enjoy a profitable partnership with the Internet's largest category leader!

Why Join?

  • It's easy and it's free. Why deal with the problems of setting up and running your own catalog, warehouse, customer service center, and distribution system when you can use ours!
  • You'll earn 10% commission on all sales originating from your site.
  • Provide additional content to your site by referencing recommended products at X BATS.
  • Team up with the leader in the Wood Bat product category.
  • Take advantage of the support and encouragement of the X BATS Affiliate team.

How does it work?

Simply complete an Affiliate application. When you've been approved, all you need to do is copy and paste codes onto your site. That's it! At the end of the month, you'll be sent a check.

We have a high rate of repeat customers because of our excellent service. You will continue to make money from your customers for 90 days after they visit your site. Of course, if they come through your site again, the 90 day period begins anew, so you're always guaranteed to make money from repeat visitors to your site.

Getting Started

To get started, just click Sign Me Up! There's no cost to you and it takes less than a minute. Once you've signed up, you can immediately copy and paste your unique link into your site. Start earning CASH today as a X BATS affiliate!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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