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Why Buy an X Bat in this economy?

You get what you pay for

We have 300 Major Leaguers swinging X Bats. They don't get sponsored or paid to swing them. They make their living with X Bats because the outperform other bats and hold up because of the quality of our wood.

What does that mean to you? You are not a Major Leaguer.

X Bats is the only company that provides the same quality wood to every one of our customers- Major Leaguer, Minor Leaguers, college player, high school player, youth league player, senior league player. This means you get better performance but, most importantly in this economy, bats that don't break as easily. Quality means you pay more up front, but buy fewer bats, so you save in the long run.


X Bats offers a warranty on our wood bats. We do this because we know they stand up and we're not giving bats away for the nominal warranty cost. We have confidence in our product and we aren't afraid to stand behind it.

There is a reason other bat companies don't do this.


Trade-in your broken bat

We want you to try an X Bat. We want your testimonial as a customer. We're offering you a 20% discount on your next custom X Bat when you send us your broken bat (see trade-in offer for details).

We don't need the extra firewood. We have plenty of our own. we reject 4 out of every 10 billets we produce. Instead of sending that reject wood to you, like other bat companies do, we send you the best wood- Major League wood. The broken bat you're sending us is likely wood that never would have met our high standards.

Once you try an X Bat, you'll immediately see that all wood is not created equal
(for bats, that is!)


Club X

We want to reward our loyal customers. Sign up for Club X and get ongoing discounts on every purchase as a preferred customer. These discounts do not have an expiration date. They are not for a limited time. EVERY time you buy, you save.



Our customers are looking for value. So are we. We value every customer. This is why we won't compromise our quality and use that reject wood for our customers just to make a profit. X Bats has made more maple bats than any other company over the last 12 years- more than 250,000. That's a fraction of what the big guys who sell their reject wood in major sporting goods stores sell but the most amongst quality wood bat companies by far.

Our best salespeople in the pros are other pros. Our best salespeople in every other phase of the game are our customers. We want you to have a bat that performs, a bat that holds up and get more bang for your buck.

You can buy 3 $60. bats for $180. and watch them turn into kindling or one X Bat for $120. and have it last and get the best performance possible. That's a big savings to you and a valuable spokesperson for us.

It's a win-win.