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Baseball 4-14-14 News

Shakeup looms for White Sox

07:32 AM ET 04.17 | Fifteen walks, the number Chicago issued theRed Sox, isn't going to look very good on a staff's resume -- no matter how long a game lasts. Another gem, according to the Elias Sports Bureau: The Red Sox became the first team since at least 1920 to reach base at least 23 or more times in a game with six or fewer hits. ... So when the relievers gather in the bullpen for Thursday's game against the Red Sox, [Matt Lindstrom] said it will be time for a heart-to-heart. ... "Who will be on hand for that meeting remains to be seen. After a hard work day, the White Sox could end up recalling a pitcher from the minor leagues. That would also mean somebody would be on their way out. "I have full confidence in those guys," said starter John Danks, who walked four batters of his own.

Have the D-Backs considered firing Gibson?

07:32 AM ET 04.17 | The Diamondbacks have four more losses than any team in the majors, and they're sitting on a .222 winning percentage after 18 games. But while manager Kirk Gibson and general manager Kevin Towers are being put under a microscope by critics, their boss apparently isn't ready to point fingers or lay blame. It's only natural for the question to come up regarding the job security of the team's two baseball leaders at a time a team is badly underperforming. ... But club president Derrick Hall, who is the boss of Gibson and Towers, made clear in a phone interview that drastic change isn't something they are currently considering. "It's far too early to say they're in jeopardy," Hall said in answer to a question about the status of Gibson and Towers. "I wouldn't say anybody's in trouble at this point."

CBS Sports

Historically bad Cubs trade pays in S.D.

07:29 AM ET 04.17 | From just about every baseball angle, Andrew Cashner would seem to have it all -- from the smoking fastball and biting slider to a laconic Texas demeanor. [After this past Friday,] someone asked him about his latest flirtation with a no-hitter and his desire to grab one. "It's one of my goals," he said flatly. Come again? "I definitely want a no-hitter," he declared. ... As everyone from [Jutin Verlander] to the Swingin' Friar knows by now, the Padres are the only franchise in the majors to never have had one of their own throw a no-hitter. With Cashner aboard, it's reached the point where every fifth day, that could change. And the way he's going, the Cashner-[Anthony Rizzo] deal could wind up on the short list of most regretful trades in Cubs history.

FOX Sports

Reddick in the doghouse?

07:29 AM ET 04.17 | Though still a successful trip, the A's nine-gamer finished with a sputter in a Wednesday night loss that included blowing a ninth-inning lead in a 12-inning affair -- but Josh Reddick wasn't involved. [Reddick], he of the one RBI and .098 batting average in his first 11 games, sat out Wednesday's start. Is it a hair or beard thing, ala Sampson? Reddick hit .333 in spring training and led the team with 15 RBIs, but early in the season he ran into a barber who got his signals mixed and trimmed Reddick's long flowing locks to the point where Reddick felt compelled to trim the beard just so it wouldn't look too odd. "I personally think it's the hair more than the beard," Reddick said. ... As for sitting, Reddick said, 'I'd rather play.'"

Mercury News

Out-of-work Morales turned down $30M in Seattle

07:28 AM ET 04.17 | Already, fans in Seattle are restless. TheMariners were shut out Sunday and shut down during three losses in the prior four games when they scored a run total. Seven runs in Texas on Monday night quelled some of the angst. Yet, a question was often repeated: What about Kendrys Morales? Morales is a free agent still available after spending last season mostly as an effective designated hitter for Seattle. ... Despite multiple attempts by the club to re-sign Morales, he's not part of the Mariners. Seattle general manager Jack Zduriencik fielded questions at the end of a meet-and-greet with season-ticket holders on opening night at Safeco Field. He was asked about Morales and said the Mariners had offered him a three-year, $30 million contract, which was declined.

The News Tribune