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Baseball 3-6-14- News

07:55 AM ET 03.06 | Spring, in addition to being a time for optimism, is also a time for some experimentation. As a way to maximize David Wright's run-producing chances and generally stimulate the Mets' offense, Terry Collins told The Post he is considering hitting his pitchers eighth on occasion. "I think both [Wright and Curtis Granderson] are RBI guys," Collins said. "My thought is: How do we get them more RBI chances and also give David, in particular, chances to drive in runs. It is a possibility I might try [hitting the pitcher eighth.] I don't know that I will, but I might." Collins talked about the strategy with Tony La Russa, who while managing deployed it most often. The philosophy: You want your best hitter to bat in the first inning, so you install him third rather than cleanup.


Baseball News 2-13-14

07:28 AM ET 02.13 | On the upside, the player is now on the record as wanting to stay. In the clubhouse a day before position players were scheduled to report for spring training, Hanley Ramirez said Wednesday he wanted to be "a Dodger for life." But Ramirez otherwise declined to talk about his contractual status, saying with a smile, "I'm a baseball player." Ramirez said he was still disappointed with how the Dodgers' 2013 season ended. Struck by a fastball, Ramirez fractured a rib in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series. ... Ramirez said he received treatment on his back over the winter. A nerve problem in his back was believed to be responsible for his hamstring problems last season. Ramirez said his back already feels better. "I feel stronger," Ramirez said. Ramirez wouldn't predict how many games he would play this season.

Baseball News 1-23-14

Gomes points out Yankees' remaining flaws

07:36 AM ET 01.23 | Jonny Gomes has taken the occasion of a wide-ranging interview to give his take on the Yankees' $500 million offseason shopping spree, which included Masahiro Tanaka. "People can go out and sign whoever they want right now. I mean, boxing rules, we still have the belt. ... I tell you what, (Yankees GM Brian) Cashman and (manager Joe) Girardi are about as professional as they get in the pinstripe organization. They run a pretty tight camp. It's kind of interesting, though -- $500 million and still, some questions. You've got (catcher Brian) McCann who hasn't been in the American League before. The pitcher (Tanaka) who hasn't pitched a game over here. They've got some guys playing different positions. They've got some true professionals over there. They've got some guys coming back."


Baseball News

Steinbrenner gushing over Tanaka

07:35 AM ET 01.16 | On Wednesday, Hal Steinbrenner said he has spoken recently with Casey Close, the agent for Masahiro Tanaka, to express the Yankees' interest, and he knows he's not alone. "I think a lot of teams are interested," Steinbrenner, the Yankees' managing general partner, said at the Major League Baseball quarterly owners meetings. "This is a great, young pitcher. I'm sure he'll come here and do great things with someone. We certainly have an interest. I believe we need another starter. But we'll see what happens." Close, who also represents Yankeescaptain Derek Jeter, has ordered clubs to maintain virtual radio silence; Steinbrenner wouldn't even address the question of whether Yankees officials met with Tanaka during his visit to the United States last week.