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Wood Baseball Bats Pro Stock Bats

We keep X Bats in stock for customers who want or need an X Bat as soon as possible without waiting for 3 weeks or paying for Rush Production charges. These are the exact same quality as our custom X Bats. You just can't select the colors or have your name engraved on them. They are ready to ship the same day USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery). Overnight shipping is also available

Model 11

Model 11 is based on one of the most popular models of all time, the M110. It has a slightly flared 31/32″ handle, conventional knob, and a 2 7/16″ to 2 9/16″ barrel. This is a well balanced bat with a slightly thicker than medium handle with a small taper to the knob. It is finished in a beautiful Cherry wood stain.

  • Pro Stock Baseball Maple Model 11

    Model: Maple 11
    Handle color: Cherry
    Barrel color: Cherry
    $ 109.00

Model 14

Model 14 is based on the traditional T141 shape. This is a thin handled medium barreled bat with good balance and whip. It has a slightly smaller 1 15/16″ squared off knob, a thin 7/8″ handle and a 2 9/16″ barrel. This is a bat for a gap/power hitter who likes a thin handle. It is finished in a rich Mahogany stain.

  • Pro Stock Baseball Maple Model 14

    Model: Maple 14
    Handle color: Mahogany
    Barrel color: Mahogany
    $ 109.00

Model 24

Model 24 is based on the traditional C243 shape. This is the ultimate thin handle, larger barreled bat. The diameter of the handle is smaller at its contact point with the knob. Handle is 15/16" with a conventional knob and a full barrel. This is an end loaded bat used by a large number of our Major League power hitters. This is a bat for experienced wood bat hitters who have short swings and want the weight at the end of their bat. It is finished in classic Black.

  • Pro Stock Baseball Maple Model 24

    Model: Maple 24L
    Handle color: Black
    Barrel color: Black
    $ 109.00

Model 27

Model 27 is based on the very popular C271 shape. It has a flared 15/16″ to 1 handle, has a small regular knob with a flared handle, and has a long straight transition to a medium barrel. This our second most well balanced bat with a medium handle and a medium barrel. This is a versatile model for both the player new to wood and the Major Leaguer who likes a balanced bat. It is finished in a rich Walnut stain.

  • Pro Stock Baseball Maple Model 27

    Model: Maple 27
    Handle color: Walnut
    Barrel color: Walnut
    $ 109.00

Model 73

Model 73 is the most popular style in the Big Leagues and our best selling bat. It has a tapered medium sized 15/16" handle flaring to a very large knob with a full power hitter's barrel. The large knob serves as a counter weight making the bat feel very balanced and lighter than other bats with the same weight. The flared handle to the knob protects the sensitive hamate bone from bruising. This is by far the best balanced wood bat on the market. This is a perfect shape for hitters switching from aluminum to wood as it is both well balanced and easy to control in the hands. Used by power hitters who like the comfort and gap hitters who like the balance and large hitting area. It is finished a beautiful dark Red Mahogany finish
  • Pro Stock Baseball Maple Model 73

    Model: Maple 73
    Handle color: Red-Mahog
    Barrel color: Red-Mahog
    $ 119.00