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2 post(s) found training and coaching bat review

11-07-2017  |  By: X Bats |  (1) Post comment »  |  Read comments »
As a coach, you should always be looking for that small edge that will take you above the competition.  Any good coach knows that you win championships not on game day, but on practice day.  And like a player, a coach is only as good as the tools he has around him.   At, the best and most customizable bats are available at prices that compete with the best around.  If you haven't tired Xbats yet, you are missing out on a ton of value and quality.

Over The Line Bats

11-05-2017  |  By: X Bats |  (0) Post comment »  |  Read comments »

Over The Line (OTL) is a popular game played on the beach.  It involves two teams, each with three players, who are trying to get as many consecutive hits – or homers – as possible to outscore the other team.  Instead of seven or nine innings, like in baseball, OTL is only three to four innings.  However, there is a large difference in the gameplay rules and scoring.  For more information on gameplay, check out this link to the rules of the game provided by Old Mission Beach Club!

X Bats has created some of the top available tools of this game.  Boasting the same maple wood that over 300 Major Leaguers claim is the hardest wood bat made anywhere, these models are sure to be some of best tools this game has ever seen.  Maple wood is the strongest available lumber in the Major Leagues.  With the ability to withstand over 600 pounds of force, these OTL X Bat models are sure to last a lifetime.