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07:41 AM ET 06.12 | In a way, the Dodgers, who dropped a 5-0 loss to the Reds, lost twice Wednesday night. Hanley Ramirez walked in [the clubhouse], his postgame routine delayed by a round of treatment on his right shoulder. Ramirez could not throw without discomfort Wednesday. The Dodgers scratched him from the lineup after the shoulder stiffened during batting practice, Manager Don Mattingly said, and they do not anticipate he will play Thursday. ... A lingering injury to Ramirez would be a much bigger story. For now, the Dodgers list his status as day to day and describe the injury as an irritation in the shoulder joint. He can swing a bat, and he did pinch-hit Wednesday, but he cannot throw without soreness. Mattingly said he had not heard about the condition before Wednesday.

Baseball 6-5-14 News

07:40 AM ET 06.05 | After Wednesday evening's Yankees game,Derek Jeter fielded a handful of questions about Don Zimmer. But the Captain, who never wears his emotions on his sleeve, cut off the interview after a couple minutes when he began to get choked up over the loss of his longtime friend. "That's a tough one to swallow," Jeter said after the Yankees' 7-4 loss to the A's. ... "Everyone knows how much Zim has meant, not only to our organization, but to baseball as a whole. Your thoughts and prayers go out to his family. That's tough news. I found out halfway through the game. That's a rough one." "He's someone that taught me a lot about the game," Jeter said. "He's been around and he's pretty much seen everything. His stories, his experiences, he was close to my family and good to my family. We'll miss him."

Baseball 5-22-14 News

07:48 AM ET 05.22 | Considering Prince Fielder's disappointing start, one could reasonably assume the Rangers could turn things around. Still, it would be foolish for the Rangers to maintain the status quo. They haven't won a postseason game since David Freese tripled over Nelson Cruz's outstretched glove three years ago, and that drought is going to continue. Once the Rangers fall out of the race, they can listen to offers for potential 2014-15 free agents on the roster, such as Alex RiosJoakim Soria,Geovany SotoColby LewisJason Frasor and Neal Cotts. For a deadline 'seller' --???? which the Rangers haven't been for several years -- ????that's standard practice. But what about the left side of their infield -- third baseman Adrian Beltre and shortstop Elvis Andrus?

Baseball 5-15-14 News

07:37 AM ET 05.15 | Even the governor wonders. Gov. John Hickenlooper, who loves baseball almost as much as he loves Colorado, has concerns about the Rockies' pitching staff. Hey, don't we all? Now, this is not to suggest Hickenlooper spends more time contemplating the pitching in LoDo than Colorado's economic state, but if the governor wonders whether the Rockieshave enough pitching to make the playoffs, isn't it obvious what our National League team needs to do? Go get a quality starting pitcher. Jump-start the trade conversation about Chicago Cubsright-hander Jeff Samardzija, stuck with zero wins for a lousy team going nowhere, despite his 94 mph fastball and a sterling 1.45 earned run average. Get the deal done, even if it means Colorado must surrender a pitching prospect as prized as Jon Gray.

BASEBALL 5-8-14 News

06:18 AM ET 05.08 | When Jeff Samardzija has some time to reflect on his Cubs career, these past few days aren't likely to be considered fondly. The Cubs' lame-duck ace didn't call anyone out by name, but he made it clear he wasn't happy with the front office for raising eyebrows over his career-high 126 pitches during a nine-inning gem Monday against the Sox. "No. Absolutely not," he said when asked if he understood upper management's potential concern, "because this is an on-field issue for uniformed personnel. That's all there is to it. I'm a grown man. I'm 29. I'm not a prospect or 22. I feel good, and I'm grown up enough and responsible enough to understand when I can go out and when I can't go. "I've earned my right in athletics to be able to understand my body and where I'm at."

Baseball 5-1-14 News

07:32 AM ET 05.01 | For now, the Yankees can't yet put Michael Pineda on the DL, not until after his suspension ends after the weekend. Make no mistake, this news is as dreary for theYankees as the recent weather. The initial report is that Pineda will be out at least three to four weeks because of his Grade 1 strain of the teres major muscle in his back. What this means is that suddenly, an area that looked like a strength less than two weeks ago is now going to be seriously tested. ... On May 1, there are no big starts, but we still need to learn a little more about whoHiroki Kuroda is at 39. After arguably his worst start of his career his last time out, Kuroda displayed some humor when asked how he can make adjustments at his age. "I don't know," Kuroda said. "This is the first time I've been 39."
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