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07:41 AM ET 06.12 | In a way, the Dodgers, who dropped a 5-0 loss to the Reds, lost twice Wednesday night. Hanley Ramirez walked in [the clubhouse], his postgame routine delayed by a round of treatment on his right shoulder. Ramirez could not throw without discomfort Wednesday. The Dodgers scratched him from the lineup after the shoulder stiffened during batting practice, Manager Don Mattingly said, and they do not anticipate he will play Thursday. ... A lingering injury to Ramirez would be a much bigger story. For now, the Dodgers list his status as day to day and describe the injury as an irritation in the shoulder joint. He can swing a bat, and he did pinch-hit Wednesday, but he cannot throw without soreness. Mattingly said he had not heard about the condition before Wednesday.
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